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What's New (last updated July 7, 1998)

Con 8 Has Been Cancelled!

I am sorry to report that the convention has been cancelled. Basically, the hotel came back with a contract that was too expensive. I will be getting copies of the contracts and I will scan them in and will be able to send them to anyone who is interested in seeing what happened. One example was they came back and said we could only serve their food in hospitality.

Their contract made the hotel costs much too expensive for a small conventions. Rather than lose money, the committee decided to cancel this year and will refund all memberships. Plans will begin anew to hold the convention next summer with the hope that Steve Perry will still be available. This has been a learning experience and the hotel chair plans to find a new hotel and have a signed contract in place.

The committee's big concern at present is how to make it up to Steve. We will do lots of humble groveling and plan on presenting him with a lovely parting gift.

- Page Fuller
OSFCI Board Member

Statement from the Chair

Just a short note, the membership refund checks went out in the mail Monday evening July 6. Dealers refunds will be sent out on Tuesday July 7.

Rumors continue about a possible attempt to do this in 1999. We will not be returning to the same hotel, and suggestions are requested for possible convention sites.

We would like to thank all of those who purchased memberships in the convention and are sorry that we will not be able to have a weekend of fun with you. Again we'd like to thank you for your support.

If you'd like to join us at the Portland Science Fiction Society then we would welcome you. Our next meeting is July 11 2PM at Portland State University. Robert D. Young is our guest. Our meeting on August 8th will be our annual picnic. September 12 will have a repeat visit by K. W. Jeter. November most likely will find us all at Orycon.

- Sam Butler
ex-chair of CON 8

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