Meeting Minutes

Sept. 22 2003



Present: Board and officers:  David Schaber, John Williamson, Aaron Curtis, Patty Wells. Also present: Rodney Barnes.


The meeting was called to order at 7:45 pm by Linda Pilcher.


Minutes were accepted with corrections.



Treasurer's Report:

    Not Present



Convention Reports:      



     Orycon 25:

    Have received $1500 in Artshow checks.

    Still concerned about number of pre-memberships

    It was suggested to sell day passes.

    Patty said she would discuss it with Linda and watch the pre-reg numbers to make a decision.

    Patty also suggested raising the Sunday Pre-reg for Orycon 26 should be raised to $25



     Orycon 26:

    Jerry Oltion has accepted to be our GOH




 GameStorm 2003:

      Books almost closed.

$2000 surplus needs to be distributed.



     GameStorm 6:

     All going well.

Web site being developed with online sign-ups for games.

Set up a second bank account for alternating years



     Westercon 56:

    Books still open. 

Need the financial statements

Linda Pilcher will talk to Westercon 56 to get information







Funds and Awards:


     Susan C. Petrey Clarion Scholarship Fund:

No report





     Clayton Memorial Medical Fund:

No report






Endeavour Award:

No report






Continuing Business:


      Subcommittee reports:



    No Reports







Meeting adjourned at 9:00