Oregon Science Fiction Conventions

Board of Directors Meeting
Doubletree Portland Hotel
February 1, 2010

ATTENDING: Several people stayed over from the Annual General Meeting–including all of the Board members except Kamila Miller (Arthur Aldridge, Beverly Block, Aaron Curtis, Rick Lindsley, Tammy Lindsley, John Lorentz, Michael Pinnick, Debra Stansbury and Marc Wells, as well as OSFCI Attorney Sam Justice.)

The meeting was called to order at 8:25:10.

I. Minutes of Previous Meeting

The minutes from the last meeting were accepted.

John realized while he was transcribing those minutes about a week ago that he was supposed to have contacted all the OSFCI event treasurers to have them submit financial reports to Arthur at this meeting. Obviously, that didnít get done.

II. Election of OSFCI Officers

The following people were nominated:

John: Aaron would not be eligible to be President until he is done chairing GameStorm at the end of March. However, the Bylaws don't list specific calendar periods for the officer's terms (unlike the Directors), only that the Board "shall appoint officers". He proposes that, should Aaron be elected. It would be with the provision that he takes over at the next Board meeting in April, and the Board ask John to continue as interim President until then.

Marc: This would mean, should John be elected Secretary and Aaron be elected President, that John would temporarily hold two offices. John: The Bylaws don't preclude that, just holding the same office for the Board and an OSFCI event.

Paul moved that the nominations be closed and John Lorentz be elected as Secretary by acclamation. This motion was approved unanimously.

The remaining candidates were given a brief period to explain why theyíd like to be elected.

Aaron Curtis was elected President (effective with the April meeting) and Rick Lindsley was elected Treasurer.

III. Continuing Business

Andrew mentioned there still is the matter of changing the guest policy at OryCon. Tammy proposed that this be discussed at the April meeting, since the only usual items of business at this meeting are electing officers and setting future meeting date(s). Debby asked why this is a matter for the Board, rather than just for the OryCon committee. (At this point, the officer election results were announced, and there was no further discussion on this matter.)

Tammy reminded people that we going to set up a Hotel liaison training meeting.

V. New Business

VI. The Date of the Next Board Meeting

It was decided that the next Board meeting would be Tuesday, April 27th. We will check on the availability of space at Everest College.

Aaron mentioned the next OSFCI-sponsored event, GameStorm, which is taking place at the Vancouver Hilton, March 26-28. Tammy mentioned the post cards and posters that have been ordered to promote OryCon.

The meeting was then adjourned