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Welcome to the home page for OryCon, Oregon's premier science fiction convention!

The next OryCon is OryCon 37 (November 20-22, 2015).

The OryCon 17, OryCon 18, OryCon 19, OryCon 20, OryCon 21, OryCon 22, OryCon 23, OryCon 24, OryCon 25, OryCon 26, OryCon 27, OryCon 29, OryCon 30, OryCon 31, OryCon 32, OryCon 33, OryCon 34, OryCon 35, and OryCon 36 web pages are still on-line.

A table summarizing the history of OryCon is also available.

You can join the [ORYCON] mailing list for discussions about OryCon and conventions in general.

OryCon is a fan-run, non-profit convention presented by Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc., a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt non-profit corporation. For information on OSFCI and other OSFCI conventions, such as Westercon and Potlatch, please see http://www.osfci.org.

If you are looking for Orycon Control Technology Inc., please go to www.orycon.com.


E-mail addresses on this page and its subpages are provided for the convenience of our convention members. These addresses are not to be used for commercial solicitation, mass mailings, or any other purpose unrelated to OSFCI events. Unsolicited commercial e-mail or any form of mass mailing will be subject to a $500 reading fee. Sending of such mail will be deemed to constitute acceptance of these terms.

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