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Potlatch 5 Progress Report 1

July, 1995

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Potlatch 5

Portland, Oregon
February 2-4, 1996


David Levine

Welcome to Potlatch 5 Progress Report #1. Potlatch is a small, convivial convention for science fiction writers, artists, and readers. This is the first time it's been held in Portland. Potlatches 1 and 3 were held in Seattle; 2 and 4 were in the San Francisco Bay Area.

This PR has been sent to all interested parties. If a membership number appears on your mailing label, you are already a member. Otherwise, we hope you'll join us!

How to Contact Us

Potlatch 5
PO Box 5703
Portland, OR 97228-5703



(503) 232-1727


Mark Bourne (Clarion Auction)
Debbie Cross (Hotel)
Elizabeth Lawhead Bourne (Publications)
David Levine (Chair)
John Lorentz (Hospitality)
Mary Rosenblum (Writers' Workshops)
Ruth Sachter (Registrar)
Marc Wells (Dance)
Patty Wells (Unassigned)
Paul Wrigley (Dealers & Treasurer)
Kate Yule (Opinionated Local)


Debbie Cross

Located in the heart of downtown Portland, the Imperial Hotel will be a cozy and convenient venue for Potlatch. It is within easy walking distance of restaurants, shops, and bookstores, and even a brew pub or two. The Imperial is a classic hotel that has been recently renovated. Rooms are small, but nicely appointed with a generous 2:00 pm check-out time. Guests staying in the hotel may take advantage of free valet parking.

Rates are somewhat complicated, as follows:

Single (double bed)        $65
Double (1 queen bed)       $70
Double (twin beds)         $75
Double (2 double beds)     $85
Double (king bed)          $90
Triple/quad (double beds)  $90
Make your reservations directly with the hotel (be sure to tell them you are with Potlatch):

Imperial Hotel
400 S.W. Broadway (at Stark)
Portland, OR 97205

Phone: (503) 228-7221
or: (800) 452-2323
Fax: (503) 223-4551


If it ain't broke, don't fix it. In other words, the programming for Potlatch 5 will work pretty much like programming has for the previous Potlatches. There will be a single track of main programming, mostly panel discussions, with plenty of time for the subject to be covered.

As usual, there will also be a sign-up board in Hospitality where like-minded individuals can arrange discussions at times of mutual convenience. This microprogramming can take the form of meal expeditions, gatherings in the hotel bar, walks in the city, or any other form that works for the participants.

The Platonic ideal of a Potlatch panel involves a "ringleader," who will contact us with a programming idea to check if there's space, time, and no subject conflict; collect the participants for the event; prepare them all; and moderate the event. If you can deliver the complete package, great!

However, in the real world we realize that sometimes all the elements need a little help to come together. The elements of a programming event are: ringleader, idea, and participants. If you want to provide some subset of these, that's cool, too. We will match up willing ringleaders with ideas and participants, willing participants with ringleaders and ideas, and as many ideas as we can with ringleaders and participants. So, send us ideas of program events you want to see. Volunteer to participate in events. Volunteer to ringlead (that is, organize and moderate) an event. We'll see what we can do to get all the elements together in one place for a successful program event.

Note: If you are volunteering to ringlead or participate, please, please, please send contact information, including address, phone number(s), e-mail address if available, and best times to contact.

Thanks, and we hope to hear from you soon.

(Thanks to Ariel Shattan for writing the above. She adds this: "Here's a program item I'd like to see: I'm a voracious reader, and I've also been a technical writer for a large part of my career. However, there's something that I lack that I notice is a part of the personality of those I consider `real' writers. This is the overwhelming need to write. These are the folks who actually pay money to be tortured for weeks at Clarion. Somehow, it seems that for these people, they write because it hurts not to. I'd be fascinated to see and hear a panel of writers describe and explain this phenomenon." If you find this subject interesting, too, and you want to ringlead or be on such a panel, please let us know.)

Clarion West Auction

Mark Bourne

Here's the reason Potlatch was born. Don't you finally want to get rid of that signed first edition of H.G. Wells' The Time Machine? Hope to put to good use that pipestem chewed through by Harlan Ellison? Still have the bones of that ugly chicken Howard Waldrop brought with him to the Northwest? Here's your chance to clean the attic and donate those rare artifacts to a good cause.

The Clarion West Auction provides scholarship funds to worthy writers selected from those chosen to attend the Clarion West Writers Workshop. Your contribution could help a future Nebula- or Hugo-winner get a challenging, rewarding start to his or her career.

We're working to make this year's Clarion West Auction the most lucrative--and the most fun--in Potlatch history. Donations typically include galleys (signed is good), first editions, novelty items, artwork, and assorted surprises good for laughs as well as largess. Some donations are prepared specially for this Auction (ask Vonda McIntyre about the spiffy turquoise canvas-and-silk bookbag she built around a piece of Ursula Le Guin's SF embroidery).

Donations are already coming in. You can send yours to

Mark Bourne
6233 SE 40th
Portland, OR 97202

Phone: (503) 771-1246
Fax: (503) 242-2919
E-mail: m.bourne@genie.geis.com

Writers' Workshops

Mary Rosenblum

There will be a writers' workshop at Potlatch again this year. We are offering workshops for beginners as well as "recombinant" workshops for pros and Clarion graduates, so start working on those stories. Submission details will be published in the next Progress Report.

About Portland

Kate Yule

If you come to Portland, we will show you a good time, at-con and off-site. It's that simple. The hotel is in the heart of downtown, which in this case does not mean closed doors and empty sidewalks outside the business day. Within a five to ten minute walking radius you have good restaurants of every stripe and Burger King for the desperate, coffee, tea, microbrews, used record stores, used bookstores (Powell's, and four others just offhand), tree-lined park blocks, the Willamette River, trompe l'oeil murals, the Art Museum and Historical Society, Nordstrom and Nike Town.

I'll have room for more specifics in future PR's--things to maybe persuade you to add a day or two to your Oregon vacation next year. There will of course be a comprehensive Restaurant Etc. guide at the con. If you're coming into town before the convention starts, just write and ask me for the Galley Proofs edition, so you have it when you need it. I will also be glad to research specific questions (where do I go for rubberstamps/ Ethiopian food/ a view of Mt. St. Helens). Contact me through the con address or directly at kyule@agora.rdrop.com.

P.S. No sales tax! It's not just an opinion--it's the law!


Ruth Sachter

Potlatch 5 memberships are $25 through August 1, 1995, and will then rise to $30. We haven't yet decided when the $30 rate will end or what the final rate will be. Sliding scale will be available upon request.

Here's the Potlatch 5 membership list as of July 10, 1995:

John C. Andrews     Jeanne Gomoll     Neil Rest
Karen E. Babich     Sarah Goodman     Mary H. Rosenblum
Freddie Baer        Ian K. Hagemann   Anita M. Rowland
Allen J. Baum       Jane E. Hawkins   Ruth Sachter
Alan Bostick        Mary Kay Kare     Sharon Sbarsky
Sheila L. Bostick   Janet Lafler      Karen Schaffer
Elizabeth Lawhead   David Levine      Ariel Shattan
   Bourne           David Librik      Kevin Standlee
Mark Bourne         John Lorentz      Amy Thomson
David Bratman       Luke T. McGuff    Michael J. Ward
Suzy McKee Charnas  Paul E. Molander  Donya White
Debbie Cross        Debbie Notkin     Tom Whitmore
Scott Custis        Barbara Oldham    Paul Wrigley
Lise Eisenberg      Lyn Paleo         Kate Yule
Doug Faunt          Spike Parsons
Page Fuller         Berni Phillips


John Lorentz

Portland is known for good beer and good coffee--and Hospitality at Potlatch 5 will offer plenty of both. (We're even planning on brewing our own beer.) This being the Pacific Northwest, of course we will be serving salmon in various forms. There will be hundreds of homemade cookies, bagels, rolls, munchies of all sorts--including healthy and sinful, and (because I'm a tea-drinker) plenty of good tea.

What Hospitality will offer you the most will be a pleasant place to sit and visit with friends from cross-town and cross-country.


Marc Wells

There will be a dance on Saturday night so get ready to get down. Not too loud (but loud enough), not too punk (but punk enough).

If you have any requests, let me know and I'll try to work them in (Strauss waltzes before 10:00pm, Stravinsky waltzes after midnight). While I'll try to honor requests made at the dance, I can't play it if I don't have it. Letting me know ahead of time will allow me to make sure I have it. I also reserve the right to say "No."

Of course the favorites will be there, and if I can dig it up, the "Special Remix" Time Warp at the witching hour.

Child Care

Marc Wells

Potlatch is too small to offer formalized child care, but if you are planning on bringing your children to the convention please contact me by any of the following means. I will try to coordinate between the parents attending who want to trade off on child care.

Marc Wells
819 SE 16th
Portland, OR 97214

Phone: (503) 232-5692
E-mail: marcw@or.credence.com


Paul Wrigley

There will be a small dealer's room consisting entirely of book dealers. More details will be provided in future Progress Reports.

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