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Potlatch 5 Progress Report 3

December, 1995

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Potlatch 5

February 2-4, 1996
Imperial Hotel,
Portland, Oregon

Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc.
Potlatch 5
P.O. Box 5703
Portland, OR 97228-5703
(503) 232-1727

Notes From The Comfy Chair

Hello again, and welcome to Potlatch 5 Progress Report #3. First, a few basics: Potlatch 5 is a small, convivial science fiction convention which will be held at the Imperial Hotel in Portland, Oregon on February 2-4, 1996. We expect about 150 people. There will be one track of programming, a hospitality suite, a small dealers' room selling mostly books, a dance, writers' workshops, and the traditional Clarion West benefit auction. We will not be having a masquerade, an art show, a video program, or any formal gaming or filksinging. We also don't have a Guest of Honor -- in a sense, all of you are our guests of honor. (I didn't think I'd have to say all of this, but you'd be surprised how many queries I get about the availability of 16-by-16-foot dealer booths and who our media guests are.)

Another Potlatch tradition that we will be perpetuating is the Sunday brunch. The price of the brunch is not included in your membership, so if you haven't bought your brunch ticket yet, be sure to do so soon -- this brunch will sell out, and is certain to be the fannish event of the season. And no, we don't know what Salmon Tidbits are. But I'm sure they'll be delicious.

Potlatch 5 will get rolling on Friday night and will wrap up Sunday afternoon; see Luke and Jane's Programming report for more details on what's happening in between. If you find yourself with time on your hands before or after the con, there's plenty to do in the vicinity of the hotel (Powell's, the world's largest bookstore, is just a few blocks away) and elsewhere in Portland -- see Kate's Opinionated Local report.

This Progress Report is being sent only to those who are already members, or who have explicitly requested it. If there's someone you're looking forward to seeing at the con, but their name isn't on the membership list, give them a call and tell them to sign up right away! (Even if they can't make it to the con, at least you can have a nice chat.)

One final note: I want to warn you that the operative word for this Potlatch will be "cozy." The programming space is just large enough for everything we want to do, the guest rooms are rather small, and the hospitality suite consists of two of those rather-small guest rooms (a third room will be available in the evening). Selecting a convention hotel always involves compromises, and we felt that the location, charm, and price of this hotel were more than enough to offset its diminutive size. So keep those elbows in, and leave those hoop skirts at home (yes, Sonia, this means you). If you feel crowded, you can adjourn to the lobby or the bar (which allows smoking, and is backed by a really intriguing rocky grotto) or go for a walk -- even in February, Portland's climate is mild. Don't forget your umbrella.

I'll turn you over now to the rest of the committee. See you in February!

David Levine
email: dlevine@spiritone.com


Potlatch is a gathering for people who like to read, write, and talk about science fiction. In the spirit of the Native American potlatch, we give to each other the gift of conversation. We strive to make this a community of peers by not giving away free memberships: everyone pays their way, and pays the same amount (even the committee). We also look for panelists and moderators who are actually sparked by and knowledgeable of a topic. We've found that if you have interesting topics, knowledgeable people, and skilled conversationalists, you can have great programming. The first four Potlatches have provided a tough set of acts to follow; we predict you won't be disappointed.

This year, we hope to take you from the roots of speculative fiction in mythology and fantasy, through to the future of electronic/multimedia fiction, stopping along the way to examine the interaction of reader and writer, and the process of creativity over the life span of a writer.

And if that's not enough, see the microprogramming write-up later in this PR for an idea about how you can start your own programming.

We also have some surprises in store for you (and us!) in the line of Portland silliness you've come to expect: a Fanthorpe reading, the secret evolutionary connections of Groundhogs and Beavers, and Whose Line Is It, Anyway? We also hope to show The Lathe of Heaven at 7:30 on Friday. This will be our "Film of Honor." So: stay tuned. We're glad you could join us!

Jane Hawkins and Luke McGuff
email: jhawk@oz.net
snail: P.O. Box 31848
Seattle, WA 98103


Microprogramming is an important part of the Potlatch experience. Too many good tangents occur to people in the course of regular programming. Microprogramming allows these ideas to be picked up and discussed with like-minded others, people you might not have gotten together with otherwise.

This is only the beginning of its potential. Have you read an especially engaging book? Form a book discussion group and see who shows up. And don't feel you have to be an expert on a topic either; if it interests you or makes you curious, microprogramming provides a way to share ideas and learn with others. Our Opinionated Local has some suggestions about local expeditions.

We'll provide sign-up sheets on which ideas can be identified and help facilitate the process of finding a place and time, and letting the convention attendees know this information.

This is my first Potlatch, so ideas on how to best accomplish this are much appreciated.

Patty Wells

Writers' Workshop

This is your final reminder about the Potlatch Writers' Workshop. We are offering two short story workshops; the basic Taste of Clarion type, and Recombinant workshops.

If you are new to workshopping, the Taste of Clarion is your best option. This will take the form of an equal number of new and published writers, and will be a supportive learning experience. If you have experience with workshops, then the Recombinant workshop may interest you. This will be a small peer workshop, in the Clarion style. Submit up to 3500 words in manuscript format, and specify your choice of workshop.

We are also offering an opportunity to workshop a novel synopsis this year. This will be a Clarion style workshop, and will provide feedback on plot structure, character and milieu interest, and reader reaction your novel. Submit up to ten pages of a detailed synopsis. No sample chapter(s).

There is a five dollar charge to cover copy and distribution. Send submissions and fee to: Mary Rosenblum, 9100 SE 152nd Ave., Portland, OR 97236. Final deadline for mailing your manuscripts is January 5th. See you at the workshops!

Schedule Notes

Friday Schedule: Sunday Schedule:

Hotel Information

If you haven't got your hotel reservation yet, you should do so immediately. Our room block will be released January 15th. After that they are subject to regular rates and availability. Call the Imperial Hotel directly and make sure they know you are with Potlatch. The rates are as follows:
Single (double bed)           $65
Double (1 queen bed)          $70
Double (twin beds)            $75
Double (2 double beds)        $85
Double (king bed)             $90
Triple/quad (double beds)     $90
Imperial Hotel
400 S.W. Broadway (at Stark)
Portland, OR 97205
(503) 228-7221
(800) 452-2323
FAX (503) 223-4551
When you arrive, hotel guests may take advantage of the FREE valet parking. You can locate registration and the dealers' room in the King's Room just off the lobby.

Sunday Brunch

A traditional brunch will held Sunday morning at 10:00 AM. Space will be limited, so guarantee a spot for yourself by sending your payment to the Potlatch address as soon as possible. The cost for the buffet style meal will be $13.25 including gratuity.
Brunch Menu:

Chilled Juice
Fresh Fruit
Coffee or Tea
Scrambled Eggs
Hot Biscuits
Eggs Benedict
Barbecued Salmon Tidbits
Crepes Normandy

Dealers' Room

The Dealers are in the King's Room. Their hours are:
Friday 3 pm - 7 pm
Saturday 10 am - 6 pm
Sunday 11 am - 4 pm
Dealers are:
Lady Jayne's
NESFA Publications
A Sense of Wonder
Wrigley-Cross Books


The current attending membership rate is $35, which is good through January 15, 1996. After that, the at-the-door rate of $40 will apply. Supporting memberships are $15 at all times. Please let us know if you move or if any corrections to your name and address aer needed.

Registration will be located in the Kings Room (also Dealers) on the left side of the lobby and will be open from 3 pm to 7 pm on Friday, 10 am to 6 pm Saturday, and 11 am to 4 pm Sunday. It will move upstairs to Hospitality for the evenings. There will be fun stuff for badge decorating.

Ruth Sachter
email: r.sachter@genie.com

Auction Items Needed

If you are planning to donate items to the Clarion West Scholarship Auction, please send them as soon as possible. By January 15 would be most keen. Since all donated items must be catalogued before the Auction, I'm hoping to forestall an eleventh-hour inrush of items mere days before the convention. As usual we already have plenty of unsigned galleys, so more unusual/unique/amazing/gotta-have-it items would certainly add spice to the mix (though no donation will go unappreciated).

Attention publishers/editors: we still need donations for freebie give-aways to Potlatch members. Books and other promotional items will increase your visibility at the convention to all attendees.

Looking forward to seeing you there.

Send all donations to:

Clarion West Scholarship Auction
c/o Mark Bourne
6233 SE 40th
Portland, OR 97202
Email: bourne@teleport.com

Smoking Policy

All public convention space will be non-smoking.
Smoking is allowed in the bar and outdoors.

I'm in Oregon -- Now What?

Here's how to find us when you come into town. Note: these are not necessarily the most direct ways to get downtown, but rather the more foolproof.

There is space to perch a car briefly in front of the hotel. Guests get free valet parking. Non-guests: there's a garage directly across the street under the Bank of California building, accessible from Broadway (right lane) or Stark. Parking meters are free after 6 pm & Sundays. (Many loading zones also become fair game after business hours, so check the signs.) The Smart Park garage off Stark St. is CLOSED all or part of the weekend -- avoid! Most downtown streets are one-way, of course; 5th and 6th allow car traffic in places but are predominantly bus streets. Broadway is the equivalent of 7th Avenue.

From the north:
I-5 to Exit 302B (I-405/Beaverton). You're on the Fremont Bridge; see below.
From the east:
Coming in on I-84, be in the center lane after you pass Exit 1. You'll fork right towards I-5 North (Seattle) and LEFT IMMEDIATELY at the next fork. Exit 302B (I-405, St Helens) puts you onto the Fremont Bridge.
From the Fremont Bridge:
Go left at the far end, from one of the center lanes. Take Exit 2A (Couch St/Burnside St). At the second stop light, turn left onto Burnside. Wave at Powell's. In about 7 blocks, turn right onto Broadway. The hotel is on your left at the third intersection.
From the south:
I-5 to Exit 299B (City Center/I-405). It's a LEFT exit, then take the RIGHT fork just afterwards. Take Exit 2B (Everett St), cut right another lane ASAP and turn right at that first light...
From the west:
From Hwy 26, follow signs for I-405 Northbound. This means being in the left lane after the zoo exit. From I-405, take the first exit: Exit 2B (Everett St), cut right another lane ASAP and turn right at that first light....
From Everett St:
In about 6 blocks, turn right onto Broadway. The hotel is on the left, 3 blocks after the intersection with Burnside St.
From the airport:
From the train/bus stations:
Catch a cab if you're lumbered by material goods or bodily woes. The nimble and unencumbered can walk the 1/2 mile south on Broadway, or hop a Tri-Met bus (not #77) at the shelter on Broadway.

Fun and Distractions

This just in: Destiny in Space is showing at the Oregon Museum of Science & Industry OMNIMAX Theater through February. "Fly over the surfaces of Mars and Venus. Travel outside the space shuttle as it orbits 200 miles above the Earth! Go with astronauts as they work in the Microgravity Lab and outside in the vacuum of space!" Goshwow, Sparky! There are multiple showings per day except Mondays (museum closed). The honest-to-god nuclear submarine docked in the river outside is also truly keen to tromp through. (Separate admissions for everything, so this can get spendy.) We may organize a car-pooled "Field Trip" to OMSI if interest warrants -- check the microprogramming board, or contact Patty now to help make this happen.

As mentioned before, the Opinionated Local intends to make the rough text of the restaurant/etc. guide available by request only if you're coming into town early and need that info before the con starts. I can also research specific questions. Contact me through the con address or directly at kyule@agora.rdrop.com, and ask for the Galley Proofs. Either way, allow more time than you think.

Here's a coupla lunch ideas to prime the pump:

Pazzo Ristorante, which is a good upscale Italian restaurant on the same block as our hotel, just opened a lunch spot next door. Walk south and turn the corner onto Washington Street. A limited menu of sandwiches, salads, soup. The roasted vegetable sandwich is structurally unworkable but very yummy.
Good Dog, Bad Dog
Closed Sundays because that's when they make the sausages. Italian, Polish, bangers, whateverthey all go great with fried onions and a pint of Widmer. On the south side of Alder Street just west of Broadway, two blocks south of the hotel.
Kent's Bento
One block further south than Alder is Morrison Street, and the 1000 block of Morrison has good food from 3 continents. Kent's special bento is my favorite downtown lunch, no question. $3 buys juicy teriyaki chicken, cucumber, spinach, corn, red ginger, all on a bed of rice soaked with that clear, red-flecked sweet sauce. Yum. The small is more filling than it looks, and it saves room for dessert.
Coffee People
Home of the Velvet Hammer and some damn good cookies. Downtown locations are 6th & Washington, and Park & Salmon. Ask directions, we're friendly.

Potlatch 5 Membership

Greg Abraham              Marcia G.                 Barbara Oldham
Jae Leslie Adams          Jeanne Gomoll             Margaret Organ-Kean
Judi Andersen             Sarah Goodman             Myrna Ougland
John C. Andrews           Eileen K. Gunn            Lyn Paleo
Shirley Atkins            Ian K. Hagemann           Spike Parsons
Karen E. Babich           David G. Hartwell         Berni Phillips
Freddie Baer              Jane E. Hawkins           Linda Pilcher
Allen J. Baum             Pat Henderson             D. Potter
Thomas W. Becker          Ariel Hudson              Neil Rest
Dee Berry                 Jim Hudson                Susan Rich
Vince Bonasso             Bill Humphries            Kelly Robson
Alan Bostick              Mary Kay Kare             Mary H. Rosenblum
Sheila L. Bostick         Jerry Kaufman             Jake Rosenblum
Elizabeth Lawhead Bourne  Alessandra Kelley         Anita M. Rowland
Mark Bourne               Amelia Kramer             Ruth Sachter
David Bratman             Ellen Kushner             Sharon Sbarsky
David Bray                John Ladwig               Karen Schaffer
Linda Bray                Janet Lafler              Ariel Shattan
Lyman R. Caswell          Conrad Larsen             Delia Sherman
Suzy McKee Charnas        Jane Larsen               Fran Skene
Mara Charnell             Ursula K. Le Guin         Kevin Standlee
David Clark               Hope Leibowitz            Sue Storm
Loren W. Cooper           David Levine              Amy Thomson
Kathryn Cramer            David Librik              Suzle Tompkins
Lindsay Crawford          Keith Lofstrom            Barb Treen
Debbie Cross              John R. Lorentz           Dave Treen
Scott Custis              Marci Malinowycz          Judy L. Tucker
Kathy Dailey              Faye Manning-Crawford     Miriam Volpin
Pamela Davis              Louise Marley             Anthony D. Ward
Denise DiFilippo          Elise Matthesen           Michael J. Ward
Alyx Dellamonica          Luke T. McGuff            Marc Wells
Michael Denton            Vonda N. McIntrye         Patty Wells
Bruce Durocher            John Mead                 Donya White
Dan Duval                 Kamila Z. Miller          Tom Whitmore
Lise Eisenberg            Rory Miller               Art Widner
Doug Faunt                Paul E. Molander          LeAnne Woolf
Leslie R. Fisher          Devon Monk                Richard Wright
Don Fitch                 Pat Murphy                Paul Wrigley
Terry Floyd               Robert Nansel             Kate Yule
Page Fuller               Jim Nichols               Sue Yule 
Richard Garfinkle         Debbie Notkin             
Char Glenn                Carol Nussbaum            

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