What's New

Here's what's new on the Potlatch 5 Home Page:
November 21, 2000
Added a link to the Potlatch Home Page.

January 27, 1998
Added a link to the Potlatch 8 Home Page.

November 13, 1997
Added a link to the Potlatch 7 Home Page.

November 12, 1996
Added a link to the Potlatch 6 Home Page.

January 31, 1996
Added a special weather warning.

January 29, 1996
Updated and expanded the convention schedule.

January 26, 1996
Added the complete schedule for the convention.

January 4, 1996
Updated Progress Report #3.

January 2, 1996
Added Progress Report #3. It is also available as two Adobe Acrobat .pdf files: Part 1 (156 Kbytes) and Part 2 (37 Kbytes). Also added the dealers' room hours to the dealers page.

December 14, 1995
Potlatch is now a smoke-free convention! Smoking will not be allowed in any public convention space, but will be allowed in the bar.

December 13, 1995
Updated the membership list.

December 11, 1995
Added a note about the hotel room block expiration date (January 15) to the hotel page.

October 27, 1995
Added separate pages for the current membership list, dealers list, and committee list.

October 16, 1995
Added a list of dealers to Progress Report #2.

October 6, 1995
Added Progress Report #2. It is also available as an Adobe Acrobat .pdf file (278 Kbytes). Also added info on the Sunday Brunch.

September 12, 1995
Updated membership rates.

August 4, 1995
Corrected another error (a doozy).

July 19, 1995
Corrected some errors spotted by Beta testers.

July 17, 1995

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