Artist Guest of Honor John R. Foster

by Mark Bourne

Since 1983, John R. Foster has been the astronomical artist for the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry's planetarium department. John is also known worldwide for his realistic portrayals of cosmic vistas. His work has appeared in numerous exhibitions, including the 1987 Art of the Cosmos at UC Berkeley, and the 1989 Dialogs/Starway of Humanity show in Moscow and Pasadena. John's art frequently graces the covers of magazines such as Astronomy and Sky & Telescope, and his illustrations frequently accompany articles of astronomical topics. You can see John's work in books such as In the Stream of Stars (William K. Hartmann, et al., Workman Publishing, 1990), Visions of Space (David Hardy, Dragon's World, 1989), and Isaac Asimov's Library of the Universe series.

Among his many current projects is a book collaboration with writer Mark Bourne, an interstellar travel guide called Dream Worlds, Inc.

Visit a small John R. Foster Art Gallery
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