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We're back in "The Other Hotel"! :-)

As we did in 1990, we will be using the Columbia River Red Lion as the non-party/quiet hotel and the Jantzen Beach Red Lion for parties and evening events. Please note that the cut-off date for our room block is June 7th. To get the type of room you want, in the hotel you prefer, we recommend that you book your room as soon as possible.

Click here for a map (13K) that shows how to get to the hotels by car. More information on "How To Get There" is provided in Progress Report #4.

The Red Lions now have their own Home Pages on the Web:

Room Rates and Reservations

The room rates for either hotel are:
Singles/Doubles: $83 plus tax (currently 9%)
Triples/Quads: $93 plus tax
On a space available basis, these rates extend from June 26 to July 6, for those planning an extended stay.

You may most easily make your reservation by telephone. The Columbia River Red Lion phone is (503) 283-2111. The Jantzen Beach phone is (503) 283-4466. Remember to identify yourself as being part of the Westercon convention, and confirming the room rate when booking your room. There is less likely to be confusion if you call the properties directly, rather than using the Red Lion 800 line as their reservation clerks will be unfamiliar with our convention and the rates.

If you'd rather not phone, you can print out this reservation form and mail it to the hotel of your choice.

Remember, the Columbia River is the non-party hotel. Parties may only be held in the Jantzen Beach. Be sure to include a deposit equaling the first night's room rate plus appropriate taxes, or credit card number (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express) to guarantee your room if you are not planning on arriving before 6 pm.


If you are requesting a suite for the convention you will need to contact Westercon directly. We will help to make sure that the special requirements of bidders, conventions and professionals are met as best we can, as well as those of the attendees who wish to book suites. So that we may best accomplish this, please indicate the group you are with if any, and any parties or activities you may anticipate.

We will work with the bidders in the current Westercon race to equatably assign bid suites. At the moment two bids have filed, if there are other bidders for the 1997 Westercon, we need to be notified, in writing, by February 15 when allocation of bid suites occurs. Any bids filing after that date will be assigned a suite on a space available basis assigning them the most comparable suite available.

Questions regarding suite sizes, rates and availability should be referred to:

Patty Wells
Westercon 48
PO Box 2584
Portland, Oregon 97208-2584

GEnie: ORYCON.18@genie.geis.com
Internet: marcw@or.credence.com

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