Fan Guest of Honor Elayne Pelz

by David Levine

Elayne Pelz is what you might call a Big-Name Convention-Running Fan. She has been on the Staff or Committee for most Westercons in the last decade or more-but not Westercon 48, because we're making her our Fan Guest of Honor. And it couldn't happen to a nicer person.

Elayne has been working on Worldcons for so long even Ben Yalow can't remember. She was the Secretary for LAcon in 1972, and has kept very busy right up to the present day: she ran the Art Show for ConFrancisco (1993), is currently running the Art Show for Conadian (1994), and will be in charge of the Administration Division for LAcon 3 (1996).

Elayne hails from Los Angeles, where she has been very active in local fandom. She is the President of S.C.I.F.I. (which stands for Southern California Institute for Fannish Interests, I think) and was on the board of LASFS for many years. Last year she was Speaker to the Chairman for Loscon-the Chairman was her stuffed møøse.

Thanks to Ben Yalow for providing information used in this bio.

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