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Westercon 48 Progress Report 1

February, 1994

Table of Contents

Westercon 48

June 30-July 3, 1995

Beginning Friday at Noon, ending Monday afternoon

Portland, Oregon

Red Lion/Jantzen Beach and Red Lion/Columbia River

Writer GoH: Vernor Vinge
Fan GoH: Elayne Pelz
Other guests to be named later

Our Addresses

Westercon 48
PO Box 2584
Portland, Oregon 97208-2584

Please use this address for all correspondence. Do not use the return address shown on the back cover. That is our outgoing bulk mail address only!

(503) 283-0802



or j.lorentz@genie.geis.com


This progress report is Copyright 1994 Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. It was edited by David D. Levine, who also did the cover. Most uncredited text pieces are by John Lorentz.

Westercon 48 is sponsored by Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc., a tax-exempt non-profit corporation.

"Westercon" is a service mark of the Los Angeles Science Fiction Society.

Portrait of the Chair as a Young Fan

John Lorentz

Hi. Do you know me? Most of the time I'm just a quiet fan in Portland, Oregon. But every few years, I find myself chairing a Westercon and everyone needs to talk to me. Westercon-don't leave home without it!

Yes, I'm back, chairing another Westercon. And, once again, we're using the Jantzen Beach & Columbia River Red Lions, two adjacent hotels nestled next to the Columbia River, close to downtown Portland. We had a great time hosting the Westercon there in 1990, and we expect that this will be even better. (After all, we've had several more OryCons to practice!)

Those of you who have attended an OryCon or Westercon here have a good idea what to expect. For those of you who will be making your first trip to one of our conventions, I think you'll have a good time. There will be panel discussions, art show, dealer room, gaming, dances, silly opening ceremonies and a hospitality suite serving good food and fine beer. (After all, what else could we serve in Oregon?) And you'll get to see why our watchword here at Westercon is "It's in the other hotel!"

While you're in Portland, you'll want to spend some time visiting the area. Portland has been named as one of the most liveable cities in the country. From rose gardens to carousels to fountains to microbreweries to Powell's (the largest bookstore in North America), we have a little of everything. And Portland is an hour from the Oregon Coast, Mount Hood (where you can ski until mid-summer!) and the lovely Columbia River Gorge (wind-surfing capital of the US). And we're also surrounded by numerous award-winning wineries. So stop a while and enjoy the area.

We have eighteen months to plan ways to entertain you. If you'd like to help, drop us a note or come to one of our meetings. And if you have anything that you'd like to see happen at the convention, or things you'd like to see while you're in town, be sure to let us know. Our addresses (both electronic and "real") are listed in this progress report, as well as our phone number. And if you'd just like to be put on the mailing list for our committee newsletter, let us know that also.

From the Registrars

Linda Pilcher, Barbara Oldham, John Andrews, Page Fuller

Please take a moment right now to check the label on your progress report. This has your real name, address and badge name if you have requested one. We send out progress and regress reports to convention members and, from time to time, special mailings to the people who have attended one of our conventions. Unfortunately, if we don't have your correct name and address, the mailing doesn't get to you. If you move during the year, or want to make any other change, please drop us a postcard. We don't want to lose track of you.

If you need to transfer your membership, please let us know in advance so that we can have the correct badge ready at the convention. A signed note from the original member is all we need.

Membership Rates

Memberships in Westercon 48 are available at the following rates:

$35 until July 15, 1994
$40 until December 31, 1994
More later
Supporting memberships are $20 (at all times). Children who will be 6-12 at the time of the convention are half price. Children 5 and under at the time of the convention are free. Children must be accompanied by an adult with a membership.

Lost Souls

If you know any of the following people, please have them write or give us a call with correct address. Their receipts have bounced back to us and we would like to get the information on them corrected.

Vicki Glover
Benjamin Schreiber
Keith Johnson

We Need Your Help!

Westercon, like many conventions, is a product of blood, sweat and volunteers. If you are interested in working on the convention, please drop us a note. The meetings will be held bimonthly until this fall, and then monthly.

But working on the convention is not limited to people in the Portland area. In 1990, we had several committee members from throughout the country, and we expect this not to change. There are a lot of jobs for which we need people that are performed at-con. So-if you're interested (or just want to be on the mailing list for the committee newsletter), please let us know.

Our Hotels

We are using two adjacent (they share a parking lot) Red Lion hotels next to the Columbia River-the Red Lion/Jantzen Beach and the Red Lion/ Columbia River. Each hotel is built in the traditional Red Lion style-low-lying wings, of three or four stories, radiating like spokes on a wheel. This means there's no waiting for elevators! Each hotel has a pool, coffee shop, restaurant and bar. Additionally, there is a shopping center and large supermarket (open 6AM to 1AM) nearby. The final room rates won't be set until later this year, but should be in range of $75 to $85 a night.

Activities will be in both hotels. The Columbia River hotel will hold the Art Show, the Club House and numerous programming items. This hotel will be our non-party hotel, and will probably be where child care takes place. The Jantzen Beach hotel will hold the Dealer's Room, Hospitality and more programming. This will be our party hotel, and will also hold the night-time activities such as the Masquerade and the Dances.

Red Lion runs a complementary shuttle from the airport. We are also only about five miles from downtown Portland, and just across the river from the great state of Washington. (And only about 50 miles from Mt. St. Helens.)

Meanwhile, Outside the Hotels...

At our last Westercon, in 1990, we offered a variety of tours and other activities away from the convention itself. We are considering offering something similar this year, but we need to know what you might be interested in. Would you like a brew-pub crawl? A bookstore tour? A field trip to Multnomah Falls? A pilgrimage to the 24-Hour Coin-Operated Church of Elvis? If you have any suggestions or opinions, please drop us a note at the P.O. Box or send e-mail.

Westercon Weapons Policy

In line with the standard practice at most major conventions, including recent Worldcons as well as most Portland conventions for the last several years, the carrying and wearing of weapons will not be permitted, except as part of a Masquerade contestant's costume, or as part of other designated events, and then only during the event, or in transit to and from the event. The use of a weapon as part of the Masquerade must be approved by the Masquerade Director prior to the event. Failure to do so are grounds for immediate expulsion from the convention.

The Convention committee defines as weapons any object designed to cause bodily harm, or any replica of such an object and any other object the Committee determines to be dangerous. However the committee reserves the right to amend this definition of a weapon, and the right to impound weapons for the duration of the convention.

Any weapons purchased in the Dealer's Room must be securely wrapped.

The committee realizes that most people who would like to carry and wear weapons are sensible and careful individuals. However, because of the present liability laws, the risk of weapons causing accident or distress, and to preserve relationships with convention hotels, we have had to adopt this policy. The safety of convention members has to be our overriding consideration.

Official Election Results

Kevin Standlee

Here are the formal results of the site selection voting at Westercon 46 in Seattle, which chose Portland to host Westercon 48.

                              Mail   At-Con   Total

        Portland                20      138     158
        Chico/Cheeko/Velveeta    0        8       8
        I-5 in 95                0        3       3
        Other Write-ins*         0        6       6
        None of the Above        1        4       5

        No Preference            3       12      15

        Total Ballots           24      171     195

        Total Expressing a Preference           180

        Needed to Elect                          91
        (Majority of ballots expressing a preference)
(*Other write-ins were one vote each for: "Both," "California", "Gnome of the Above," "Hawaii," "Prudhoe Bay," and "Yellowknife.")

Results certified:

Kevin Standlee
Site-Selection Administrator, Westercon 46

Vernor Vinge-Writer Guest of Honor

Howard Davidson

Vernor Vinge has been writing science fiction for many years. He is a member of that small minority of science fiction writers who come to the field through the sciences. In the rest of his life, he is a professor in the Mathematical Sciences Department at UCSD, where he teaches and does research in computer science.

He has been interested in the question of how extremely intelligent systems interact with the universe, and the consequences of exponentially growing knowledge. His early books, including Witling and Tatja Grimm's World, dealt with exceptional individuals.

Later books, such as The Peace War and Marooned in Realtime, deal with the combination of extreme intelligence and exploding knowledge. This theme was carried forward and extended to include the intra-galactic net and a wonderful group mind culture in the 1993 Hugo-Award-winning novel A Fire Upon the Deep.

Elayne Pelz-Fan Guest of Honor

David Levine

Elayne Pelz is what you might call a Big-Name Convention-Running Fan. She has been on the Staff or Committee for most Westercons in the last decade or more-but not Westercon 48, because we're making her our Fan Guest of Honor. And it couldn't happen to a nicer person.

Elayne has been working on Worldcons for so long even Ben Yalow can't remember. She was the Secretary for LAcon in 1972, and has kept very busy right up to the present day: she ran the Art Show for ConFrancisco (1993), is currently running the Art Show for Conadian (1994), and will be in charge of the Administration Division for LAcon 3 (1996).

Elayne hails from Los Angeles, where she has been very active in local fandom. She is the President of S.C.I.F.I. (which stands for Southern California Institute for Fannish Interests, I think) and was on the board of LASFS for many years. Last year she was Speaker to the Chairman for Loscon-the Chairman was her stuffed møøse.

Thanks to Ben Yalow for providing information used in this bio.

Committee List

As usual, any committee list is a "work in progress." This list is almost assuredly incomplete by the time you see it.

Chair (& Committee Newsletter)       John Lorentz 
Artifacts                            Nancy Smith 
Art Show                             Ruth Sachter 
        Assistant                    Jane Hawkins
Business Meeting Chair               Kevin Standlee
Club House                           Roz Malin
                                     Dick Pilz
Dealers' Room                        David Schaber
Filking                              Cecilia Eng
Hospitality                          Debbie Cross
        Assistants                   Ariel Shattan
                                     William Sadorus
Hotel Liaison                        Patty Wells 
        Assistants                   Melanie Schaber
                                     Helen Umberger
                                     Ben Yalow
Information                          John Bartley III
Mail Room                            Kate Yule
Professional Symposium               Marc Wells
Publications Head & PR's             David Levine 
Programming Head                     Andrew Nisbet 
        Assistant                    Dave Hicks
Children's Programming               Roz Malin
Registration                         Barbara Oldham
                                     Linda Pilcher 
        Assistants                   John Andrews
                                     Page Fuller
Special Events                       Alan Smith 
Tech Crew Head                       Robert Verde
        Assistants                   Kurt Daily
                                     Dean Koenig
Treasurer                            Paul Wrigley 
(The names in bold are the members of the Westercon 48 Executive Committee.)


Debbie Cross and Ariel Shattan

We're already planning the ambiance and menu for the Westercon 48 Hospitality Suite! We are aiming to provide you with a comfortable place to sit and talk with your friends. And to make it more pleasant, there will be tasty, nutritious, and easy to eat snacks, and a wide selection of drinks.

Because the Suite we will be using is not as large as some of the suites at recent Westercons, the Hospitality Suite itself will be totally nonsmoking. However, the hotel has a lovely deck overlooking the Columbia River, and Portland weather is generally quite pleasant in July, so smokers should have no problems convincing their nonsmoking friends to step outside with them.

Unlike many large conventions these days, Westercon 48 does indeed plan to serve beer and wine in the Hospitality Suite. However, to avoid any possibility of impropriety surrounding the consumption of alcohol, we will employ a professional bartender to do the serving. To help offset the cost of the bartender, and also to keep the budget as big as possible for the rest of the Hospitality provisions, we will be charging a nominal fee for alcoholic drinks.

If you have some suggestions as to menu items you'd like to see, of if you or a group of you and your friends are interested in spending some time hosting at the Westercon Hospitality Suite, please contact us through the P.O. Box. It's never too early to think about food!

Club House

Dick Pilz and Roz Malin

Volunteers meet real aliens!

Since at least one of us is involved with Children's Programming, we are planning an early social gathering of the half-price crowd with their parents. This way the kids get to know one another early on.

Volunteers have new and interesting experiences!

We will not be serving beer or wine as refreshments. We will, however, have scheduled tastings of ale and mead. The mead is aging as we write.

Volunteers have good karma!

We will have food that is clearly vegetarian, in addition to low-fat items. For those who wish to indulge, we have declared the Club House a Guilt Free Zone.

Volunteers get recipes!

We will still have a lot of the good stuff, like baklava, Scottish shortbread, crepes, ribs, piroshki, smoked salmon, brie, chocolate, and real coffee. You still don't have to feel guilty...

Volunteers become SMOFFs! (Secret Masters of Food Fandom)

Those fans who help during the convention will get a new cookbook and find out our secrets. Yes, we're the ones who did the food for Westercon `84 and the Club House in 1990.

Volunteers have the Con come to them!

We will be open during the day and early evening only. We are in the same hotel as the main programming. It will be easy for members to both visit and relax in between activities and to help.

If you'd like to help, please write to us at the P.O. Box, or send e-mail to R.PILZ1 on GEnie (that's R.PILZ1@genie.geis.com on the Internet).

They're Aliens, and When They Grow Up, They're Going to Take Over the World!

Roz Malin

Asimov had one. MZB has one. Pournelle as more than one. It has something to do with the continuation of the human species (something the Shakers never quite grasped!). I have one. I call him Evan (or Thor) and he is 5 1/2 .They are called children, and a child is not a leper, but a future writer, artist, movie producer, or astronaut. My child is also a fan and enjoys watching "Mutant's Apple" and listening to us read him The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings.

There will be children's programming at Westercon 48. The programming is not intended to be child care, although I hope arrangements can be made that children in child care can attend the programming. Some of the programming will appeal to both children and adults (such as Screamers, impromptu costuming, and origami). Everything will appeal to me. I expect I'll have a shoestring budget; and therefore I would like the kids to bring some extra shoestrings and we'll show them what to do with them.

Right now what I am interested in is finding out how many parents will be bringing their kids (knowing there will be something to amuse them) and the ages of their kids at the time of the convention. Please write me:

2214 SE 53rd
Portland, OR 97215
Or send a note to the P.O. Box marked "ATTN: ROZ."

Art Show

Ruth Sachter

The Westercon 48 Art Show will focus on original works with science fiction, fantasy, fannish or comic themes. All media are welcome-from pen and ink to jewelry, acrylics to dioramas, stained glass to quilting.

The Art Show will be located in the Columbia River Red Lion's Riverview Room, which has 5,500 square feet of well-lit space with drive up loading.

Our next progress report will have basic rate and reservation information. A complete reservation and information mailing scheduled for this June will go to everyone who has requested information, and all those on our OryCon Art Show mailing list. If you wish to be added to the mailing list, please send a card to the Westercon address or e-mail us your name and address. Art Show information will also be available at this year's Westercon in Los Angeles.


The Westercon 48 Dealers' Room will be divided into booths, like last year's Westercon in Seattle. It will not be open to the general public; convention membership will be required in order to enter. (This is necessary to maintain our non-profit status.)

Each booth is 10' by 10' and includes one 8' table. The first booth costs $100; a second booth is $125 (limit 2 booths per dealer). Additional 8' tables are available for $10. Prices for dealers' booths do not include membership in the convention. Additional information will be going out soon to everyone who has requested information or paid a deposit for a booth.

If you don't think you can use a whole booth, write to us; we will try to match you up with another dealer with whom you can share a booth.

Progress Report Ad Rates (For PR #2)

Full Page-$60 Half Page-$40
(20% discount for non-profit groups)

        Ad Deadline        Target Mailing Date
PR #2   July 10, 1994      July 31, 1994
PR #3   December 31, 1994  January 20, 1995
PR #4   March 31, 1995     May 1, 1995
Each page will be "half size"-5 1/2 by 8 1/2 inches. Ad rates for the Program Book and the rest of the Progress Reports will be decided later.

Westercon 48 Membership List

Through January 24, 1994

  357  Aaaargh                      253  Frederick B. Capp            
  278  B.B.I. Abacus                356  Paul Carpentier              
  351  Ack                          2    Poster Child                   
  152  Sue Ellen Adkins             353  Clarisse                     
  298  Ms. Adventure                231  David Clark                  
  362  Susan Allen                  321  Nancy L. Cobb                
  37   Pete Aller                   31   Sandy Cohen                   
  184  Todd Allis                   92   Lindsay Crawford              
  64   Altair                       56   Debbie Cross                  
  12   James Alves                  175  Ctein                        
  289  Ama-Zoe                      269  Sandy Cutrell                
  160  Kenneth B. Amos              259  Cyberangel                   
  130  Clifton Amsbury              315  Cyberotter                   
  283  Gwen Amsbury                 360  Signe Landon Danler          
  282  Shirley Amsbury              11   Marla Darklighter             
  186  John Andrews                 244  James Stanley Daugherty      
  349  Craig Arnush                 243  Kathryn Daugherty            
  271  Jean M. Auel                 310  Anne Davenport               
  272  Ray B. Auel                  132  Howard Davidson              
  134  Alicia Austin                77   Kim Davis                     
  122  bandit                       277  Margaret Davis               
  313  John Edward Bartley III      114  Lea Day                      
  330  Mark H. Beasley              123  Genny Dazzo                  
  220  Marcia Bednarcyk             305  Dan Deckert                  
  133  Jinx Beers                   304  Danise Deckert               
  96   Boogie Being                 306  Ian Deckert                  
  355  Belisarius                   67   Linda Deneroff                
  204  Judith C. Bemis              280  Don Dever                    
  192  Gene Bennett                 340  Dick                         
  208  Terry Berry                  149  Julie Dickinson              
  65   Leroy Berven                 185  Tom Digby                    
  293  The Best                     148  Patricia A. Diggs            
  178  Clint Bigglestone            279  B.B.I. Dragon                
  180  Rick Bligh                   290  Eliza-Elf                    
  212  Vickie Bligh                 29   Elinor Fadgen                 
  292  Susan Booth                  299  Emir Fahsad                  
  176  John M. Bradley              104  Bruce Farr                   
  80   Richard Brandshaft           312  Doug Faunt                   
  69   Seth Breidbart               19   Gary Feldbaum                 
  188  Brewmeister                  230  Glen Fisher                  
  8    Erin Brown                   201  Don Fitch                    
  7    Greg Brown                   198  H. Richard Foss              
  249  Jordan Brown                 199  Janice Foss                  
  66   Leonard Burstiner            213  Adrienne Foster              
  53   Renee Byrd                   91   Crickett Fox                  
  183  Stephanie Cantrell           138  H. Denise Freeman            

  17   Randolph Fritz               333  Dean Koenig                  
  30   Page Fuller                  363  Sheila Kowal                 
  173  Larry Fye                    68   Jack Krolak                   
  215  David Gallaher               268  Kirby Krueger                
  308  John David Galt              285  G/Guyanne Kucera             
  267  Gayle                        284  Guyanne Kucera               
  102  Janice Gelb                  141  Guest Of Stephen Landan      
  156  David Gish                   139  Stephen Landan               
  302  Glenn Glazer                 140  Joshua Landon                
  105  Don Glover, the Younger      177  Juliana Lane                 
  254  Vicki Glover                 209  Jane Larsen                  
  234  Mike Glyer                   263  Richard Lawrence             
  207  Jean Goddin                  266  Victoria Lawrence            
  256  Lynn Gold                    311  Chuck Leon                   
  205  Barry Gold                   78   David Levine                  
  206  Lee Gold                     336  Keith Lofstrom               
  276  Debbie Goldstein             21   John Lorentz                  
  179  Sarah E. Goodman             5    Gary Louie                     
  223  Steven J. Greenfield         157  Sonia Orin Lyris             
  107  Hugh S. Gregory              194  Ellen Levita                 
  84   Bob Grieve                   83   David MacDonald               
  58   Robert Griffiths             170  Robert A. MacPherson         
  131  David B. Grimes              33   Marci Malinowycz              
  120  Richard P. Gruen             309  Faye Manning                 
  252  Juna Haggart                 38   Marsha Manning                
  124  Hahn                         174  Sandy Manning                
  61   Tom Hanlon                   250  Shawn Marier                 
  236  Harold Harrigan III          151  Charles Matheny              
  238  Harold Harrigan              10   Winton Matthews, Jr.          
  237  Lisa Deutsch Harrigan        187  Cheryl McCombs               
  110  David Haugen                 145  Malinda McFadden             
  246  Lisa Hayes                   158  Michael McLaughlin           
  319  Nancy Hayes                  328  Carolyn McMillin             
  18   Stuart C. Hellinger          137  Penelope McQuarrie           
  347  Loki Helson                  222  Robyn Ann Meadows            
  50   Dave Hicks                   98   Mary Medina                   
  189  Geri Howard                  166  Theodore R. Medina           
  135  Jamie Hunger                 147  Wilma Meier                  
  23   Legal I                      225  Karen Meschke                
  26   Phil Jansen                  182  Paul Metz                    
  150  Mary Jane Jewell             270  Michaelango                  
  103  Dale Johnson                 125  Craig Miller                 
  153  Aristotle Jones              346  Mitzie                       
  323  Just Tony                    338  The Miwa                     
  262  Jordin Kare                  9    Jenny Montaire                 
  146  Mary Kay Kare                54   Michael J. Montoure           
  4    Rick Katze                   296  John Morgan                  
  128  Frank Kelly-Freas            233  Robert L. Moscoe             
  129  Laura Brodian Kelly-Freas    232  Yvonne Moscoe                
  307  Kit                          197  Craig Mosley                 

  99   Beth Moursund                226  Emerald Savitsky             
  51   Janice Murray                229  Karen C. Savitsky            
  241  Lex Nakashima                227  Kathryn Savitsky             
  294  Nancy                        228  Stephen Savitsky             
  339  Steven C. Neighorn           3    Sharon Sbarsky                 
  118  Michael G. Nelson            214  Kate Schaefer                
  240  Fuzzy Pink Niven             88   Karen Schaffer                
  239  Larry Niven                  218  Mike Schlofner               
  258  Lynn Nonnweiler              301  Benjamin Schreiber           
  350  O'Toole                      89   Eric P. Scott                 
  295  Christopher Oldham           195  Linda K. Shapely             
  203  Tony Parker                  25   Ariel Shattan                 
  334  Laurel Parshall              72   Arthur Shattan                
  247  Fred Patten                  36   Sieglinde                     
  235  Jenevieve Paurel             172  Joseph P. Silva              
  181  Autumn Peach                 57   Frank P. Skinner              
  163  J. W. Pearce                 303  Roxanne Smith                
  164  Judy Pearce                  15   Sean Smith                    
  165  M. A. Pearce                 196  Terri Smith                  
  329  Micheal Pearce               14   Vicki Smith                   
  G6   Bruce Pelz                   337  Scott Soule                  
  G2   Elayne Pelz                  71   Carol Springs                 
  108  Margaret Pennetti            35   Mark Stadler                  
  354  Scott Peterson               20   Kevin Standlee                
  136  Karen M. Phillips            324  Starguard                    
  287  Albert Pilcher               359  Marcia Starke                
  1    Linda Pilcher                325  Stephanie                    
  343  G1/Dick Pilz                 248  Tom Stern                    
  344  G2/Dick Pilz                 40   Steve                         
  345  G3/Dick Pilz                 297  Paul Stone                   
  335  Marsie Pniouxphure           97   Paul Stratton                 
  93   Ken Porter                   261  Talon Strongfeather          
  286  Lauri Powers                 171  Sherilynn Thagard            
  44   Bob Pownall                  348  Thanatos                     
  24   Jill Pruett                  155  Becky Thompson               
  16   April Reed                   159  Bruce Thompson               
  322  D. Reichen                   86   John Thompson                 
  221  Susan Rich                   161  Amy Thomson                  
  32   Yvonne V. Richardson         342  Thor                         
  109  Marcus R. Rieck              317  Michael Threadgill           
  314  Ms. Right                    224  Dan Tolliver                 
  257  Bruce Ritter                 300  Dineh Torres                 
  219  Judith Ritter                318  Tox                          
  193  Stephanie Rosenbaum          46   Tris                          
  52   Alan Rosenthal               275  Dick Trtek                   
  341  Roz                          260  Cindy Turner                 
  251  Ed Rush                      316  Vandervecken                 
  22   Ruth Sachter                 274  Anna Vargo                   
  190  Drew Sanders                 154  Tom Veal                     
  191  Kathy Sanders                352  Anders the Viking            

  127  Michael Vilain               144  Marie Ellen Wilson           
  G1   Vernor Vinge                 143  Thomas Luke Wilson           
  49   Bryce Walden                 28   Sally Woehrle                 
  255  Wayne E. Wallace             202  Noel Wolfman                 
  162  Michael Wallis               142  The wombat                   
  245  Thom Walls                   320  Deborah Wood                 
  210  Delia Walowski               101  Richard Wright               
  211  Jeremy Walowski              55   Paul Wrigley                  
  126  Anthony D. Ward              331  G1/Wrigley-Cross Books       
  87   Michael Ward                 332  G2/Wrigley-Cross Books       
  216  Doreen Webbert               100  Yaleah                       
  217  Jim Webbert                  13   Ben Yalow                     
  121  Patty Wells                  41   Cheryl Lynn York              
  27   Roger Wells                  291  William O. Younkin           
  288  Sean Wells                   273  Sue-Yes I'm Her Sister-Yule  
  361  William Wichgers             79   Kate Yule                     
  167  Art Widner                   281  Joyce Zimmerschied           
  242  Mike Willmoth                168  Ron Zoeller                  
  326  Joan Wilson                  169  Sherry H. Zoeller            

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