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Westercon 48 Progress Report 3

January, 1995

Table of Contents

Westercon 48

June 30-July 3, 1995

Beginning Friday at Noon, ending Monday at 4 PM

Portland, Oregon

Red Lion/Jantzen Beach and Red Lion/Columbia River

Writer GoH: Vernor Vinge
Fan GoH: Elayne Pelz
Artist GoH: John R. Foster

Our Addresses

Westercon 48
PO Box 2584
Portland, Oregon 97208-2584

Please use this address for all correspondence. Do not use the return address shown on the back cover. That is our outgoing bulk mail address only!

(503) 283-0802



or ORYCON.18@genie.geis.com



This progress report is Copyright 1995 Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. It was edited by David D. Levine. Most uncredited text pieces are by John Lorentz. Cover by Steve Berry. Westercon logo by Elizabeth Lawhead.

Westercon 48 is a production of Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc., a tax-exempt non-profit corporation.

"Westercon" is a service mark of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society.


In Progress Report #2, Elizabeth Lawhead designed the Westercon logo on the cover, and the Handicap Access Questionnaire was based on a standard questionnaire from Electrical Eggs. We apologize for neglecting to credit our sources.

Message from the Chair

John Lorentz

Well, OryCon is over for another year (giving us one last time to try out some new things before this summer's convention). Now Westercon is the next convention here in Portland, and we're working full-time to make it a good experience for you.

As you can seen in the enclosed committee list, we've added a lot of people. However, we still need many more. If you would like to help out ahead of time, or just put in a few hours while you're at the convention--please let us know.

We're also still looking for good ideas to try at this summer's convention. Feel free to drop us a note via our post office box, or various e-mail addresses--or just pick up the phone. We'll be glad to hear from you. We're also planning at being at several West Coast conventions (and Boskone) between this Spring. See you there!

Convention Hours

Westercon 48 will begin at Noon on Friday, June 30 and end at 4 PM on Monday, July 3.

As much as we'd like to have it otherwise, Westercon 48 will not be run on a 24-hour basis. Everything (filking, gaming, hospitality and the dances) shuts down from 4AM to 8AM each night. This allows everyone to find their rooms at least once a day (making the hotel happy), and gives the hotel and Westercon staff a chance to refresh things for the next day.


Barbara Oldham, Linda Pilcher, Page Fuller

Please take a moment right now to check the label on your progress report. This has your real name, your address, your badge name (if you have requested one), and your membership number (or INT if you are receiving this PR because you requested information).

If this information is not correct or has changed, please let us know. Mailing us a post card is the best way, but if you must call, please spell out the changes so that we can put them into the computer correctly.

If the name on your label starts with "G/", then your membership was purchased as a guest of someone else and no other name has been given to us. We encourage you to let us know in advance the name of the person using the membership, so that we can have a correct badge ready.

Memberships are transferable. Please let us know in advance so that we can have the correct badge ready at the convention. A signed note from the original member indicating the transfer of membership is all we need to accept the transfer. Please remember that we will not make any transfers at the convention without a note from the original owner. If you move, or change any of your information during the year, drop us a note or postcard with your new address. We don't want to lose you!

And if you have some free time at the convention, try volunteering at Registration. It's a great place to be and lots of fun!

Membership Rates

Memberships in Westercon 48 are available at the following rates:
$50 until June 10, 1995
$60 at the door
Supporting memberships are $20 (at all times), and for $5 we'll still sell you a pre-supporting membership!

Children who will be 6-12 at the time of the convention are half price. Children 5 and under at the time of the convention are free. Children must be accompanied by an adult with a membership.

Progress Report Ad Rates

Ad rates for the remaining Progress Report will be as follows:
Full Page (4.5" wide by 7" tall) - $60
Half Page (4.5" wide by 3.5" tall) - $40
20% discount for non-profit groups.
The ad deadline for PR #4 is March 31, 1995. The target mailing date is May 1, 1995.

Program Book Ad Rates

Ad rates for the Program Book will be as follows:
              Fan    Pro
Full Page    $100    $175
1/2 Page       65     110
1/4 Page       40      70
All ads should be camera ready. Any screened artworks should be 120 - 133 line maximum. Preparation of ads from art and mechanical will be billed at cost. Any and all other production charges will be billed at cost. Color ads, special positions (including covers) are extra. Contact us for full information.

Mechanical Requirements:

Ad Size:             Wide:      Deep:
Full Page            7 1/2"  x  10"
1/2 Page Vertical    3 5/8"  x  10"
1/2 Page Horizontal  7 1/2"  x  4 7/8"
1/4 Page             3 5/8"  x  4 7/8"

Explanation and Application of the Fan and Pro Rates:

The fan advertising rate applies to fan clubs, conventions (including Worldcon bids and other fan activities. Any ad submitted under this rate must be from such an organization and can only be promoting or offering information about itself and/or its activities, including fund raising, membership rates and information. Payment must be included with your ad. Please make all checks payable to Westercon 48.

The pro advertising rate applies to all other individuals, business and organizations.

If you are unsure whether or not the fan rate applies to you or your organization, please write and describe your situation.

Deadline for space reservations: May 19, 1995.

Deadline for all materials: May 26, 1995.

Address for All Correspondence, Insertion Orders and Materials:

Westercon 48 Program Book
c/o Stuart C. Hellinger
Post Office Box 561
New York, NY 10150-0561

Phone: 1-718 438-0853
E-mail: sch@panix.com
CIS: 70402,1371

Committee List

John Lorentz

Like we said before, any committee list is a "work in progress." This list is complete as of December 23, 1994, but is almost assuredly incomplete by the time you see it.
Chair (& Committee Newsletter)  John Lorentz *
        Deputy                  Fred Duarte
Ad Sales                        Stuart Hellinger
Artifacts                       Nancy Smith *
Art Show                        Ruth Sachter *
        Assistants              Sandy Cohen
                                Jane Hawkins
        Staff                   Elinor Fadgen
                                Gary Louis
                                Mindy Sherwood-Lewis
                                Pat Steed
"Beer Track"                    Dick Pilz
Business Meeting Chair          Kevin Standlee
Committee Secretary             David Schaber
Club House                      Roz Malin
                                Dick Pilz
Dealers' Room                   David Schaber
Disabled Members Liaison        Marilyn Mor
Events/Tech Crew Head           Robert Verde
        Assistants              Kurt Daily
                                Dean Koenig
Exhibits                        Sharon Sbarsky
Filking                         Cecilia Eng
Gaming                          Mary Olson
GOH Liaisons                    Mark Bourne (Science)
                                Ruth Sachter (Artist)
                                Skip Ward (Writer)
Green Room/Program Ops          Janice Gelb
Hospitality Head                Debbie Cross
        Assistants              Pat Gulley
                                William Sadorus
Hotel Liaison                   Patty Wells *
        Assistants              Melanie Schaber
                                Helen Umberger
                                Ben Yalow
Information                     John Bartley III
Mail Room                       Kate Yule
Masquerade                      Pat & Peggy Kennedy
                                Twilight (Susan Mohn)
        Staff                   Richard Lawrence
Office                          Doug Nibler, Linda Payne
Opening Ceremonies              Ariel Shattan
Operations/Security Head        Glenn Glazer
Outside Events                  Alan Smith *
Programming Head                Andrew Nisbet *
        Assistant               Dave Hicks
        Art Programming         Elizabeth Lawhead
                                Margaret Organ-Kean
        Children's Programming  Roz Malin
Publications Head & PR's        David Levine *
Program Book Editor             Steve Berry
Registration                    Barbara Oldham
                                Linda Pilcher *
                                Page Fuller
        Assistants              John Andrews
                                David Lohkamp
                                Skip Ward
SFWA Liaison to Westercon       James Fiscus
Site Selection                  Rick Katze
Treasurer                       Paul Wrigley *
Video                           Anne Peck
                                Fred Torck
VIP/SFWA Suite                  Chris York
(More are being added all the time!)

* Names in bold are members of the Westercon 48 Executive Committee.

Art Show

Ruth Sachter

We have been receiving an enthusiastic response to our art show invitation mailing last August. Listed below are the 39 artists and agents from two countries, eight states and one province who have already reserved 1/3 of the panels and tables in the Columbia Red Lion's Riverview Room. We'll update this list in the next Progress Report so that you can see if your favorite artist will be in the Westercon 48 Art Show.

Alicia Austin            Angela Jones                  
Freddie Baer             Mary Ann Koch                 
Adrian Bourne            Lubov                         
Dorothy J. Boyle         Linda Michaels                
James Currie             Charles Martel                
Joy Day                  Marilyn Mor                   
Jeanine Falter           Betsy Mott                    
Jeff Fennel              Leslie Newcomer               
Artist GOH John Foster   Cheryl M. Nordgulen           
Laura Freas              Luise Perenne                 
Kelly Freas              Lynn Perkins                  
John R. Gray III         Mary Powell                   
Robert D. Griffiths      Melody Rondeau                
Sherry Hanson            J. A. Stelnicki               
Mary Hanson-Roberts      Karen C. Thompson             
Deanne Hicks             Susan Van Camp                
Heather Hudson           John Waible                   
Brian Hunt               Wizards of the Coast Gallery  
Eleanor Johnson          Corey R. Wolfe                
K. A. Johnson                                          
In the next few months, we expect to hear from more of the wonderful artists who usually display at Westercon and our local Northwest conventions. If you are planning to participate--please don't wait for the last minute. The OryCon (our local convention) Art Show has sold out a month in advance in recent years and we expect that this Westercon Art Show will do the same.

OryCon Art Show sales have increased from $8,314 in 1993 to $12,450 this past year. This is a trend which should bode well for Westercon. There are fans who still have wall space that's not covered with book shelves!

Art-related programming is being developed and coordinated by Elizabeth Lawhead and Margaret Organ-Kean. There will be slide shows, panel discussions, workshops and demonstrations. Since the Riverview Room is spacious, we'll be able to have some program items in the Art Show itself. Also in the Riverview Room will be our Works-in-Progress (WIP) Area. This will be a space where you can watch artists creating works in different media, see demonstrations and discuss technique. Ideas and suggestions for specific program items are always welcome. Please send them to Elizabeth and Margaret via the P.O. Box (or e-mail).

Along with recruiting Elizabeth and Margaret, we've been assembling a very talented, experienced art show team from up and down the West Coast. We are pleased to report that Sandy Cohen (Van Nuys), Elinor Fadgen (Seattle), Jane Hawkins (Seattle), Mindy Sherwood Lewis (Portland), Gary Louie (Simi Valley), and Pat Steed (Portland) will be helping run the Westercon Art Show. More help is always wanted and needed so that everyone has a chance to enjoy Westercon. Areas where we need your volunteer help include pre-con data entry, show set-up and artist check-in, door guards/bag checkers, at-con data entry, sales, the auction, and, of course, artist check-out and tear-down.

Complete information and reservation packets have been sent to everyone on our mailing list. If you wish to receive Art Show entry information, please send a card (or e-mail) with your mailing information marked Attention: Art Show. We will not accept any reservations without a completed reservation form and fees. Deficient reservations--missing or incomplete form, or incorrect fees--will not be processed until everything is in hand.

A brief recap: the Westercon 48 Art Show focus is on original works with science fiction, fantasy, fannish or comic themes. Artwork in all media is welcome--from pen and ink to jewelry, acrylics to dioramas, stained glass to quilting. Panels (4' x 4') and tables (4' x 2 1/2') are $12 each. Print shop entry is $5 per artist. Mail-in work is accepted with a $15 handling fee and prepaid return postage. Westercon takes a 15% commission on all sales. A membership in Westercon 48 is not required to enter your work in the Art Show but is needed to participate in other aspects of the convention such as the dealers room.


Nancy Smith

Progress in choosing items for sale at our Artifacts Table has been slow but sure. After lots of input, three items have been selected. You will be able to own a great screen-printed comfy T-shirt or colorful canvas tote bag. Be thrilled and amaze your friends with a spectacular changing-color design when you buy our 12-oz. mug that is sure to become a collector's piece!

My goal of having these items available for sale in this Progress Report is unfortunately not possible. However, if you just can't wait until June 30th to have your very own Westercon 48 keepsake, these items will be available about a month before the convention. Be the first on your block to have one of each! Just drop me a note at the P.O. Box or leave a message on one of the Westercon communication lines... we'll work something out!

Beer Track

Dick Pilz

Since Portland now has over two dozen breweries within the city limits, with a dozen more nearby, it is fitting to have a few panels on "liquid bread." We are arranging for one or two afternoons of panels with brewers, beer critics, tasters, and beer authors, along with demonstrations and tastings. Fred Eckhardt, author of The Essentials of Beer Style and Sake (U.S.A.), will be a special guest.

Children at Westercon

Children must be accompanied by an adult in order to purchase a membership, and all children must be registered with the convention. Those five and under (and any other child whose parent requests it) will receive a hospital-type ID bracelet. This bracelet will list the parent's (or responsible adult's) name, and hotel room number (if applicable). At all times, these children must be under the supervision of an adult, or in the day care facility. If a young child is found unattended, that child will be delivered to the day care area, and the parent will be billed for the day care received. Children 5 and under will still be admitted free to the convention.

We recognize that many children in the 6 to 12 range are capable of independent activity. Therefore, as long as they are causing no problems, they do not have to be under adult supervision. However, if they are not capable of independence, then they must be under adult supervision, or in the day care facility, as above. Children 6-12 are admitted at half the adult price; ID bracelets are not required, but suggested.

Child Care

Westercon will be arranging with a licensed, independent contractor to provide child care at the convention. Hours are subject to change, but will probably be Noon to 5PM and 6PM to 10PM on Friday, 10AM to 5PM and 6 to 11PM on Saturday, 11AM to 5PM and 6PM to 10PM on Sunday, and 11AM to 4PM on Monday. (Please note that we will be closing Child Care from 5PM to 6PM each day.) Child Care will be in the Columbia River Red Lion.

The rates won't be certain until we sign the contract later in the year, but should be about $4 per hour (with quantity discounts). Children will be provided with supervision, games and children's videos. Parents are asked to provide food and diapers as necessary.

We will try to enough staff to allow for as many children as possible, but we may still reach capacity during peak hours. You can help prevent this by letting us know ahead of that you plan on using the service.

Children's Programming

Roz Malin

Yes, there will be children's programming. Most of it will be in a room across from the Club House. Some of the programming will include: kinderfilking, Ms Frizzle, a Take It Apart Into Tiny Pieces Class, microscopes, costuming, self-defense, dance, young astronauts, jugglers, a play, a magic show, learning magic, OMSI's STARLAB, microscopes, and much more. We hope to keep the kids busy from around 8:00 A.M. until around 4:00 P.M., but we will close children's programming at lunchtime. Since this is not childcare, and a responsible adult needs to be with your child (other than the programmer), I plan on having a parent/child gathering every morning and afternoon of the convention. Hopefully, this will give you an opportunity to meet other parents and arrange "trades." And remember, if the good ship Enterprise can be a home for children, so can a convention.

Oh, by the way. Bring shoestrings-one or two or a dozen. It does not matter if they have knots in them. It would be nice if they aren't all dirty and muddy.

Club House

Roz Malin & Dick Pilz

To sum it up: Good food. Good drink. Good friends. Let's eat. Drop by the Club House between panels to enjoy tasty treats and listen to jazz and classical music. We will also be having special events which will include a chocolate tasting and four ale and mead tastings. Westereggs will be back. Information about all these events will be in the program book. Do check the book for our hours. We are not the main Hospitality and will be closed during opening ceremonies and the salmon bake and the Chocolate Tasting (you must buy a ticket to attend the chocolate tasting). Also, the Club House closes in the evening and everyone is encouraged to gather in Hospitality or enjoy the dances, filking, and other evening activities.

The ale/mead tastings are part of the beer track and will be every afternoon about 16:00. We will have at least three meads and two ales to sample. I.D. will be checked. In Oregon you must be 21 to legally drink alcohol.

Basically, the Club House provides a place for everyone to come and rest in between daytime programs they wish to attend. We like bouquets of fresh flowers, quality food, and the murmur of friends talking. This is what we hope to present to you. We hope to see you.


David Schaber

As of press time, we have finally received approval of the dealer layout from the Fire Marshal. We are now moving ahead with filling the room, but there are still a few tables available. If you would like Westercon dealer information, please contact us through our PO box, electronic mail addresses or phone number.

Here is the list of dealers who are registered as of January 9, 1995:

Angelwear Creations     Games Plus                     
Austin Studios          Rhonda K. Gheen                
Basement Books          Lady Jayne's Comics and Books  
Book Vault              Ludicrous Games                
Charae Gifts            The Magikal Aardvark, Ltd.     
Darlene Coltrain        Mu Press                       
Dragonfly Design        Prekarious Enterprises         
Dragonmarsh             Quicksilver Fantasies          
Edie Reichard           The Shadow's Treasure Chest    
Robert H. Edwards       Shipman's Star Props           
Escape Books            Sign of the Unicorn            
Eye-Deas by Terra Nova  Springtime Creations           
The Fantasy Collection  Terra Incognita                
Firewolf                Uncomyn Gifts                  
Fo'Paws Productions     Unicorn                        
Kelly Freas             Dick Wald                      
Friends of Filk         Wrigley-Cross Books            

Flyer Tables

Raven Payne

Bonjour mes amis! I am the Freebie Flyer Department (along with other things that are on the table). I pick up and sort what's to be put on the freebie table. Then all of you come by, take them, or make a mess so that I can come back and organize it again. I love to do that! I live to do just that!

Now I'll just go back to my padded cell, with these two nice persons.


Patty Wells

We have just received word that construction on the new public access elevator at the Red Lion Columbia River has been completed! We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the construction mess at Orycon 16. We applaud the hotel's efforts to correct something that has been a problem for them and for us for several years.

As always, we appreciate our long-standing business dealings with our Red Lions, and ask that you show consideration in your dealings with them. We appreciate your cooperation in this. It helps us in our efforts to hold friendly, successful conventions.

As we did in 1990, we will be using the Columbia River as the non-party/quiet hotel and the Jantzen Beach Red Lion for parties and evening events. Please note that the cut-off date for our room block is June 7th. To get the type of room you want, in the hotel you prefer, we recommend that you book your room as soon as possible.

Rates and Reservations

The room rates for either hotel are:
Singles/Doubles: $83 plus tax (currently 9%)
Triples/Quads: $93 plus tax
On a space available basis, these rates extend from June 26 to July 6, for those planning an extended stay.

You may most easily make your reservation by telephone:

Columbia River Red Lion (non-party): (503) 283-2111
Jantzen Beach Red Lion (party): (503) 283-4466
Remember to identify yourself as being part of the Westercon convention, and confirming the room rate when booking your room. There is less likely to be confusion if you call the properties directly, rather than using the Red Lion 800 line as their reservation clerks will be unfamiliar with our convention and the rates.

You may print out the online reservation form and mail it to the hotel of your choice. There is no separate hotel card. Remember, the Columbia River is the non-party hotel. Parties may only be held in the Jantzen Beach. Be sure to include a deposit equaling the first night's room rate plus appropriate taxes, or credit card number (Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express) to guarantee your room if you are not planning on arriving before 6 pm.


If you are requesting a suite for the convention you will need to contact Westercon directly. We will help to make sure that the special requirements of bidders, conventions and professionals are met as best we can, as well as those of the attendees who wish to book suites. So that we may best accomplish this, please indicate the group you are with if any, and any parties or activities you may anticipate.

We will work with the bidders in the current Westercon race to equitably assign bid suites. At the moment two bids have filed, if there are other bidders for the 1997 Westercon, we need to be notified, in writing, by February 15 when allocation of bid suites occurs. Any bids filing after that date will be assigned a suite on a space available basis assigning them the most comparable suite available.

Questions regarding suite sizes, rates and availability should be referred to:

Patty Wells
Westercon 48
PO Box 2584
Portland, Oregon 97208-2584
GEnie: ORYCON.18@genie.geis.com
Internet: marcw@or.credence.com


Twilight, Pat Kennedy, Peggy Kennedy

Westercon 95's Masquerade is scheduled for Saturday night, July 1 at 8pm at the Red Lion Columbia Inn (yes, it is in the other hotel). The complete rundown will appear in the next Progress Report, but here are some preliminary notes and information for you.

My name is Twilight (AKA Susan Mohn) and this makes my second Portland Westercon Masquerade, in addition to 2 Baycon Masquerades. I'll also be doing the `96 Costume Con Science Fiction Masquerade, so you'll see my name a lot over the next couple of years. Working with me on this Westercon are Pat and Peggy Kennedy, who have just moved out here to the West Coast and are willing to help out anyway they can (or so they tell me :->). Beyond that, the crew (and obviously cast) are still shaping up. I'm looking for all the usual jobs to fill and would love to hear from you-my net address is at the end of this article for just that purpose.

As for the specifics on this particular Masquerade, we're looking at running it similarly to the last Portland Westercon with a few changes that we know should improve things. I'm working on the stage size, though I'm shooting for something in the 24' range. I'll have specific sizes for you in the next PR. The green/ready room should be in the same place as last time (that's half the foyer to the ballroom in the Columbia River Red Lion, for those who can't read my mind) and I'm looking now for folks to staff that as well.

Categories for this masquerade will include (but may not be limited to) Media Reproduction (for which documentation must be included-if we can't see it, we can't compare it and we can't judge it fairly) and Original Creation. Classes will include (but may not be limited to) Master, Journeyman, Novice, Rising Star (child up to 12, self-made) and Nova (child up to 8, made by adult). Most of these are fairly standard Guild classifications, but if you have any questions about them, please ask.

As for weapons, you'll have to clear them through me before you put them on stage-Westercon 95 is weaponless and that means folks aren't expecting them. Please note: if you do not clear your weapons presentation through me before you go on stage, you will be disqualified and removed from the stage. I don't want to sound too hard, but having worked with weapons for over 20 years as both fighter and medic, I don't want to have to glue anyone together either. As for explosives, pyrotechnics and the like, the con doesn't have the budget to pay for a licensed pyro expert, so we're not allowing them. There are all kinds of wonderful things you can pull off without lighting them on fire. Really.

There will be no live mike on stage, so we suggest you make a tape ahead of time and mark it well. My Sound Engineer (the name is a secret until he/she gives me a yes-then I'll announce it) will be playing your tape during your presentation, so to make sure the right side of the tape gets played, we need it marked. I'll get more specific in the next Progress Report. Also: you will be photographed with a Polaroid for the judges to use during judging-please be aware of that ahead of time.

Additional things that could be of use to you: No costume is No costume-we will be working under the obscenity laws of both Oregon and Portland and this is a family show. Also, please don't involve the MC without first clearing it with the MC. He, she or it will likely react negatively and I most certainly will. We will have lighting, but at this juncture, I'm not sure how controllable that will be. Again, more information on that will be in the next Progress Report, as will the Masquerade registration/entry form. There will be a tech run-through time for you to walk the stage, turn in your tapes, and meet the stage manager, the MC and the lighting tech. You will need to attend it, but I'm trying to assign times, so you won't have to sit through all of it. Specific call times will be listed in the next Progress Report. The run-throughs will likely be Saturday morning.

That's about all I have for the moment. Please contact me at Twilight@Wizards.com if you have any questions and I'll do what I can to keep you posted as we get closer to the event.


Tris Payne

Greetings from "The Office!" I am supposed to tell you all you wonderful Westercon members what the office is all about. Well, here goes (hee hee, they asked for it).

Not only does the office cater to all the other convention departments' office needs, but whenever possible it handles the office needs of any of the convention members (for a "nominal fee," of course) as well. I will do whatever I can to assist anyone with any problem or office job (day or evening).

Please do stop in at least once even if it is just to say "Hi!" I like to hear from people, so do drop in!

Outside Events

Alan Smith

The results of the Outside Events questionnaire in the last Progress Report have been tabulated, and the top three most popular events were:

If the details can't be worked out for these top three events, then the next most exciting ideas you said you'd be interested in were the Portland Sightseeing and Microbrew tours on Thursday or Friday.

The winner of the $25 Red Lion Inn Gift Certificate is:

John Caton
of Vancouver, Washington
Westercon 48 membership #299
John, you can pick up your gift certificate at Registration; it will be with your membership badge.

Thanks go to the 53 people who answered the questionnaire and sent it back to me before the deadline. Further details about Outside Events will be in Progress Report #4.


Andrew Nisbet

Here is the list of Program Participants as of January 25, 1995:

Greg Abraham          Janice Gelb              Steven Oliver        
Heather Alexander     Kurt R. A. Giambastiani  Jerry Oltion         
Clifton Amsbury       Mel Gilden               Margaret Organ-Kean  
Kim Antieau           Stephen Gillett          Fred Patten          
Astrid Bear           James Glass              Kent Patterson       
Greg Bear             Mike Glyer               John Pelan           
Michael Berlyn        Lenora Good              Bruce Pelz           
Betty Bigelow         Sarah Goodman            Elayne Pelz          
Tom Billings          Eileen Gunn              Vol Ranger           
Jesse Bone            Jon Gustafson            Arlin Robins         
Mark Bourne           Nancy C. Hanger          Mary Rosenblum       
Adrian Bourne         Thea Hardy               Leonardo D. Rufo     
R. V. Branham         Norman E. Hartman        D. F. Sanders        
Jim Brunet            Patrick Nielsen Hayden   Pippin Sardo         
Chris Bunch           John Hedke               Joyce Scrivner       
Gail Butler           Marilyn Holt             Andi Shechter        
Ted Butler            Keith Kato               Stu Shiffman         
Jack Cady             Jerry Kaufman            Dave Smeds           
Tim Campbell          Laura Kelly-Freas        Dean Wesley Smith    
Christine Carmichael  T. Jackson King          Kevin Standlee       
Frank Catalano        Meryle Korn              Janet Tanaka         
Jo Clayton            Jean Lamb                Mike Tanaka          
Ctein                 Frank Lurz               Susan Taubeneck      
Howard Davidson       Sonia Orin Lyris         Bruce Taylor         
Margaret Davis        Adrienne Martine-Barnes  Amy Thomson          
Joy Day               Cyn Mason                Suzanne Tompkins     
John De Camp          Margaret McBride         Gordon Van Gelder    
Paula E. Downing      Luke McGuff              Vernor Vinge         
Laurie Edison         Don McQuinn              Chuq Von Rospach     
Marjii Ellers         Marilyn Mor              John Vornholt        
Ru Emerson            Mike Moscoe              Elisabeth Waters     
James Fiscus          Kevin Andrew Murphy      Leslie What          
Margaret Forsythe     Rebecca Neason           Tom Whitmore         
Richard Foss          Larry Niven              Ben Yalow            
John Foster           Kevin O'Donnell, Jr.     Cheryl Lynn York     
Louise Foster         Marybeth O'Halloran      Julie Zetterberg     
Esther Friesner       Mick O'Halloran                               

Site Selection

Rick Katze

We have a race! At press time, two bids have filed for Westercon 50 (the election for which will be held this summer in Portland). In order of filing (16 hours apart):
The site for this bid is the Seattle Sheraton. (The site of the 1989 World fantasy Convention.) This bid is chaired by Larry Baker, with Linda Deneroff acting as the bid treasurer. The sponsoring organization is the Seattle Westercon Organizing Committee (SWOC), sponsors of Westercon 46, in 1993.

Silicon Valley
The site for this bid is the Santa Clara Marriott. This bid is chaired by Crickett Fox, with Judy Morman acting as bid treasurer (and James Daugherty as assistant treasurer). The sponsoring organization is San Francisco Science Fiction Conventions, Inc., sponsor of ConFrancisco, the 1993 Worldcon.

Writers' Workshops

Angela MaRie

Attention All Writers!

Get in on the fun! This Westercon, dust off your manuscripts, gather your self composure, and join us! We're really excited about our Writers Workshop series. Short Story, Novel and yes, even Poetry this year. Whatever your medium of written word, come share it with us! Workshop times will allow, not only for a detailed discussion of the material at hand, but also a general discussion time at the end. While you feed your creative hunger (writing is food for the soul) we'll also feed you. Hot drinks, fruit juice and a splendid food tray await your arrival. So how about it? If you were waiting for an invitation, well you just got one. Join us!


Short Story: 5,000 words or less.
Novel: Sample chapter plus outline.
Poetry: 3-5 pieces, any reasonable length.
Technical Specifics:
Format: Clarion (if you need clarification, query us.)
Copies: Eight (Dot Matrix must be very clean!)
Submission Requirements:
Entry fee: $7.00 per section submission.
No more than one submission per category.
Westercon membership is required by submission deadline. *
Submissions must be postmarked by April 30th 1995, no exceptions, so please, get busy now.
Comments, questions, confusions? Please don't panic! Call or write:

Angela MaRie
22085 S. Salamo Road
West Linn, OR 97068

Net address:

We look forward to seeing you there. Life, the universe and everything-coming soon to Westercon 48.

* Entry fees for Westercon 48 are much lower than comparable workshops. This being stated, it is only appropriate that all in attendance be registered in advance with the convention. We will be verifying with central registration. The intention is not to exclude anyone. This will be a professional, exhilarating, wonderful experience. Writers' Workshop chair Angela MaRie is busy fine-tuning all details to make this a complete "WOW" experience.

Weapons Policy

In line with the standard practice at most major conventions, including recent Worldcons as well as most Portland conventions for the last several years, the carrying and wearing of weapons will not be permitted, except as part of a Masquerade contestant's costume, or as part of other designated events, and then only during the event, or in transit to and from the event. The use of a weapon as part of the Masquerade must be approved by the Masquerade Director prior to the event. Failure to do so is grounds for immediate expulsion from the convention.

The Convention committee defines as weapons any object designed to cause bodily harm, or any replica of such an object and any other object the Committee determines to be dangerous. However the committee reserves the right to amend this definition of a weapon, and the right to impound weapons for the duration of the convention.

Any weapons purchased in the Dealer's Room must be securely wrapped.

The committee realizes that most people who would like to carry and wear weapons are sensible and careful individuals. However, because of the present liability laws, the risk of weapons causing accident or distress, and to preserve relationships with convention hotels, we have had to adopt this policy. The safety of convention members has to be our overriding consideration.

Smoking Policy

In order to make the convention more enjoyable for everyone, there will be no smoking allowed in the indoor convention areas. Both Red Lion hotels have quite an open design, with many decks and balconies, and the pleasant summer weather will make it quite reasonable for smokers to step outside for a quick break.

Of course, smoking is still allowed in the bars, the smoking areas in the restaurants, and in private sleeping rooms. We just want to cut down on clouds of smoke being trapped in enclosed areas, and causing problems for non-smokers.

Membership List

Barbara Oldham, Linda Pilcher

These people have joined Westercon 48 during the period of June 4, 1994 to December 11, 1994. Members' real names are listed in alphabetical order by last name.

  362  Susan Allen              471  Laurie Edison            396  Douglas Hostler      
  440  Janet M. Alverez         484  June Edwards             474  Chris Hoth           
  384  Donna Aranda             483  Rob Edwards              506  Lynn Hoth            
  539  Mabel Armstrong          468  Russ Elliot              462  Kenneth Houston      
  466  C.S.F. (Chaz) Baden      379  Cecilia Eng              465  Nicolette Houston    
  446  Freddie Baer             347  James Erwin              464  Sean Houston         
  523  Titania Baildon          511  Jeanine Falter           463  Virginia Houston     
  518  Chris Ballowe            510  Ric Falter               493  Christopher Hunter   
  395  Bryan Barrett            348  Neal Feldman             532  Matt Hyra            
  553  Tom Becker               519  Randy Fischer            475  Ardis Jakubaitis     
  397  William Robert Beeman    536  Maryeileen Flanagan      416  Barbara N. Johnson   
  526  Virgil Belt              538  Bob Flath                409  David Johnson        
   39  Steve Berry              488  Don Forbis               514  David W. Johnson     
  512  Michael Bigham           489  Holly Forbis             528  Ken Johnson          
  479  Barry Bloom              438  Nola Frame-Gray          410  Mari Johnson         
  551  Kent D. Bloom            401  Cynthia Frazer           515  Susan Johnson        
  419  Michael Bloom            399  Donald Frazer            492  Keith G. Kato        
  467  Lynn V. Boston           430  Mary Fry                 417  Samuel Konkin III    
  346  Mellissa Bowman          499  Christopher Glenn        502  Pam Koskie           
  385  Richard Brandt           448  Ben Gray                 363  Sheila Kowal         
  426  Brian Briant             447  John R. Gray III         458  Kip Krauss           
  486  Shirley Brown            437  Louis Gray               427  Bridget Landry       
  455  David Butler             449  Russal Gray              482  Conrad Larsen        
  382  Cathy Carroll            389  Lisa Greene              420  Bob Larson           
  469  Glenn Cartwright         485  Janis Griffiths          507  David Lohkamp        
  513  Jackie Chambers          402  Regina Griffiths         386  Michelle Lyons       
  398  Michael Citrak           400  Richard Griffiths        341  Roz Malin            
   31  Sandy Cohen              477  Scott Grim               434  Beth Marble          
  459  Ray F. Collett           542  Elizabeth Hail           433  Chris Marble         
  441  Darlene P. Coltrain      543  Guy Hail                 524  Douglas McCorison    
  535  David Corderman          527  Nichole Hanks            391  Sean McCoy           
  534  Tammy Corderman          531  Susan Hanks              338  Miwa McRee           
  476  Greg Cox                 544  Vicki Harrison           500  Devon Monk           
  387  Susan Cross              431  James Hay                550  Mary Morman          
  541  Diane Cullison           497  Gordon Hayes             456  Dewayne Mostella     
  360  Signe Landon Danler      498  Peggy Hayes              457  Karen Mostella       
  405  Rob Davis                406  Lyndia Hendrick          339  Steven C. Neighorn   
  537  Michelle S. De Lude      407  Woody Hendrick           505  Leslie Newcomer      
  516  Charles DeVore           421  James R. Henk            432  Doug Nibler          
  517  Janet DeVore             503  Deanne C. Hicks          380  Andrew Nisbet III    

  425  Sherwood "Woody"         413  Chris Hill               491  Cheryl Nordgulen     
       Dodge                    552  Ann Hoffert              445  Johannah O'Halloran  
  444  Marybeth O'Halloran      529  David Rich               418  Milt Stevens         
  443  Mick O'Halloran          530  Merryll Rich             411  Willard A. Stone     
  429  Katherine Oliver         521  Lea Rush                 451  Jim Strickland       
  428  Thomas Oliver            520  Michael Sandy            545  Linda Tangermann     
  404  Ron Ontell               454  Scott Sanford            495  Karen Thompson       
  403  Val Ontell               556  John T. Sapienza, Jr.    393  Jennifer Tibbets     
  554  Spike Parsons            490  Spring Schoenhuth        423  Martha Todd-Prather  
  473  Larry Paschlke           470  Bill Seymour             540  Susan Turgetto       
  555  Peggy Rae Pavlat         394  Linda Shipman            481  Stacy Van Puersem    
  439  Michael Perry            436  Michael Siladi           549  Bill Vaughan         
  340  Dick Pilz                388  Eric Simonson            525  Peter Vollan         
  342  Evan Pilz                383  Charles Siros            472  R. F. Wald           
  343  Guest of Dick Pilz       390  Nina Siros               392  Carmen Watson        
  344  Guest of Dick Pilz       460  Dale Smith               453  Anna Weathers        
  345  Guest of Dick Pilz       461  Leann Smith              452  Doug Weathers        
  548  Mary Porter-Vaughan      415  Richard Smith            504  Laurine White        
  424  Jonathon Post            412  John Snyder              361  William Wichgers     
  450  Mary E. Powell           359  Marcia Starke            501  Bruce Willey         
  422  Joe Prather              547  Eric Starker             487  Jodi Williamson      
  435  Donna Rankin             546  Steven Starker           494  Corey Wolfe          
  478  Edith Reichard           442  Pat Steed                414  Leah Zeldes          
  496  Neil Rest                480  Kendra Steinke                                     
  533  Ceair Rich               408  J. A. Stelnicki                                    

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