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Westercon 48 Progress Report 4

April, 1995

Table of Contents

Westercon 48

June 30-July 3, 1995

Beginning Friday at Noon, ending Monday at 4 PM

Portland, Oregon

Red Lion/Jantzen Beach and Red Lion/Columbia River

Writer GoH: Vernor Vinge
Fan GoH: Elayne Pelz
Artist GoH: John R. Foster
Science GoH: Ray Villard

Our Addresses

Westercon 48
PO Box 2584
Portland, Oregon 97208-2584

Please use this address for all correspondence. Do not use the return address shown on the back cover. That is our outgoing bulk mail address only!

(503) 283-0802



or ORYCON.18@genie.geis.com



This progress report is Copyright 1995 Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc. It was edited by David D. Levine. Most uncredited text pieces are by John Lorentz. "How to Get to the Hotels" map by YaLeah, edited by David Levine. Westercon logo by Elizabeth Lawhead.

Westercon 48 is a production of Oregon Science Fiction Conventions, Inc., a tax-exempt non-profit corporation.

"Westercon" is a service mark of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society.

Message from the Chair

John Lorentz

Westercon 48 is now less than two months away. I don't suppose I could convince you all that the committee has absconded with the funds to Rio... (Especially since the bank account balance would only get us as far as Burbank.)

Actually, we're all working very hard to get ready for you. In April, we held an oceanside committee retreat (in Seaside, Oregon though, rather than Rio), spending the entire weekend working on ideas for the convention. The progress report you're now reading indicates some of the work we've done-the committee list is much longer, the dealer room and art show are both nearly sold out, and the programming department is busily scheduling the dozen-plus rooms which will be holding events, as well as the 200 or so program participants. And we've placed our order for good weather. So we should be ready by the time you arrive. See you then!

(Don't forget: the convention room block will be released on June 8. After this date it may not be possible to get a room in the Red Lions at the convention rate!)

Science Guest of Honor Ray Villard

Mark Bourne

Ray Villard has specialized in communicating astronomy to the general public for the past 20 years. As Public Information Manager for the Space Telescope Science Institute at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, he is responsible for disseminating news about the most recent discoveries made with Hubble Space Telescope. He previously was associate editor for Astronomy and Star & Sky magazines, and has written a variety of free-lance articles. Mr. Villard has scripted shows for planetariums at the Boston Museum of Science, Maryland Science Center, St. Louis Science Center, and Rochester Museum and Science Center. He has developed planetarium school programs, and teaches astronomy courses and hosts public seminars through the Johns Hopkins University. He is a regular contributor to the Stardate radio series, which features news items about astronomy. He holds an M.S. in Science Communication from Boston University.

Convention Hours

Westercon 48 will begin at Noon on Friday, June 30 and end at 4 PM on Monday, July 3.

As much as we'd like to have it otherwise, Westercon 48 will not be run on a 24-hour basis. Everything (filking, gaming, hospitality and the dances) shuts down from 4AM to 8AM each night. This allows everyone to find their rooms at least once a day (making the hotel happy), and gives the hotel and Westercon staff a chance to refresh things for the next day.


Patty Wells

Book your rooms! Book early, book often! Le us know via the Westercon 48 GEnie address if you get confusing answers from Hotel Reservations.

The biggest source of confusion thus far has been a change in Red Lion's policy with respect to requests for a river view room. Since these are quite popular, the hotels are tacking on a $10 fee if you absolutely must have a river view room. The $10 is to guarantee your request. If you take your chances, or don't care, you will not be charged extra if you are put into a river view room when you arrive.

If you wish to book a suite, or have questions regarding a suite, please contact me at the convention's GEnie address, or call (503 232-5692.

The staff at both hotels are looking forward to our convention and are looking forward to an event as successful as Westercon 43 was for us and them.

How to Get to the Hotels

By car: Heading either north or south on I-5, take exit #308 (signs will say "Jantzen Beach Center" and "Hayden Island"). The Columbia River Red Lion is west of the freeway, near the shopping center; the Jantzen Beach Red Lion is east of the freeway, near the Safeway. Click here for a map (13K) that shows how to get to the hotels by car.

By air: The Red Lions operate a shuttle from the Portland Airport, departing at 10 and 40 minutes after the hour, from 5:40 AM to 11:10 PM. (One shuttle serves both the Red Lion Columbia River and the Red Lion Jantzen Beach.) A taxi to the hotel costs about $15-18.

By bus: The Greyhound terminal is downtown. To get from there to the convention you have two choices: public transportation (Tri-Met)- catch the #5 bus at 5th & Everett, roughly three blocks southeast of the bus station, cost is $1.00-or taxi, cost is about $12-15.

By train: If you take the train to Portland you'll find yourself at the downtown terminal, which is right next to the Greyhound terminal-follow the directions above. However, we suggest that you go to the Amtrak station in Vancouver, Washington rather than Portland. The Vancouver station is much closer to the con (and a cheaper cab ride!).


Barbara Oldham, Linda Pilcher, Page Fuller

Please take a moment right now to check the label on your progress report. This has your real name, your address, your badge name (if you have requested one), and your membership number (or INT if you are receiving this PR because you requested information). If this information is not correct or has changed, please let us know. Mailing us a post card is the best way, but if you must call, please spell out the changes so that we can put them into the computer correctly.

If the name on your label starts with "G/", then your membership was purchased as a guest of someone else and no other name has been given to us. We encourage you to let us know in advance the name of the person using the membership, so that we can have a correct badge ready.

Memberships are transferable. Please let us know in advance so that we can have the correct badge ready at the convention. A signed note from the original member indicating the transfer of membership is all we need to accept the transfer. Please remember that we will not make any transfers at the convention without a note from the original owner. If you move, or change any of your information during the year, drop us a note or postcard with your new address. We don't want to lose you!

And if you have some free time at the convention, try volunteering at Registration. It's a great place to be and lots of fun!

Membership Rates

Memberships in Westercon 48 are available at the following rates:

$50 until June 10, 1995
$60 at the door
Supporting memberships are $20 (at all times), and for $5 we'll still sell you a pre-supporting membership!

One-day memberships will be available at the convention only at the following rates:

Friday: $20
Saturday: $30
Sunday: $30
Monday: $20
Children who will be 6-12 at the time of the convention are half price. Children 5 and under at the time of the convention are free. Children must be accompanied by an adult with a membership.

Children at Westercon

Children must be accompanied by an adult in order to purchase a membership, and all children must be registered with the convention. Those five and under (and any other child whose parent requests it) will receive a hospital-type ID bracelet. This bracelet will list the parent's (or responsible adult's) name, and hotel room number (if applicable). At all times, these children must be under the supervision of an adult, or in the day care facility. If a young child is found unattended, that child will be delivered to the day care area, and the parent will be billed for the day care received. Children 5 and under will still be admitted free to the convention.

We recognize that many children in the 6 to 12 range are capable of independent activity. Therefore, as long as they are causing no problems, they do not have to be under adult supervision. However, if they are not capable of independence, then they must be under adult supervision, or in the day care facility, as above. Children 6-12 are admitted at half the adult price; ID bracelets are not required, but suggested.

Registration Location and Hours

When you get to the convention, Registration will be located in the Jantzen Beach Red Lion (east of the freeway), in the hallway outside the main ballroom. It will be open the following hours:

Thursday 2:00-10:00 PM (Pre-Reg only)
Friday 11:00 AM-10:00 PM
Saturday 9:00 AM-6:00 PM
Sunday 10:00 AM-6:00 PM
Monday 10:00 AM-2:00 PM
Outside of Registration hours, you can register at the Office (in the Glisan Room in the Jantzen Beach Red Lion).

Program Book Ad Rates

Ad rates for the Program Book will be as follows:
              Fan     Pro
Full Page    $100    $175
1/2 Page       65     110
1/4 Page       40      70
All ads should be camera ready. Any screened artworks should be 120 - 133 line maximum. Preparation of ads from art and mechanical will be billed at cost. Any and all other production charges will be billed at cost. Color ads, special positions (including covers) are extra. Contact us for full information.

Mechanical Requirements:

Ad Size:             Wide:      Deep:
Full Page            7 1/2"  x  10"
1/2 Page Vertical    3 5/8"  x  10"
1/2 Page Horizontal  7 1/2"  x  4 7/8"
1/4 Page             3 5/8"  x  4 7/8"

Explanation and Application of the Fan and Pro Rates:

The fan advertising rate applies to fan clubs, conventions (including Worldcon bids and other fan activities. Any ad submitted under this rate must be from such an organization and can only be promoting or offering information about itself and/or its activities, including fund raising, membership rates and information. Payment must be included with your ad. Please make all checks payable to Westercon 48.

The pro advertising rate applies to all other individuals, business and organizations.

If you are unsure whether or not the fan rate applies to you or your organization, please write and describe your situation.

Deadline for space reservations: May 19, 1995.

Deadline for all materials: May 26, 1995.

Address for All Correspondence, Insertion Orders and Materials:

Westercon 48 Program Book
c/o Stuart C. Hellinger
Post Office Box 561
New York, NY 10150-0561

Phone: (718) 438-0853
E-mail: sch@panix.com
CIS: 70402,1371

Committee List

John Lorentz

Any committee list is a "work in progress." This list is complete as of April 17, 1995, but is almost assuredly incomplete by the time you see it.

Chair (& Committee Newsletter)     John Lorentz *
        Deputy                     Fred Duarte

Ad Sales Stuart Hellinger Administration Division Head Linda Pilcher * Artifacts Nancy Smith * Art Show Ruth Sachter * Deputies Sandy Cohen, Jane Hawkins Assistants Elinor Fadgen, Gary Louie, Pat Steed, Mindy Sherwood-Lewis "Beer Track" Dick Pilz Business Meeting Chair Kevin Standlee Secretary Elayne Pelz Child Care Aaron Bodor & Tash Robb Committee Secretary David Schaber Club House Roz Malin & Dick Pilz Daily Zine Clint Budd Dealers' Room David Schaber Events/Tech Crew Head Robert Verde Deputy Dean Koenig Dance DJ's Kurt Daily, Keith Johnson Exhibits Sharon Sbarsky Fan Room Steve Berry, Alan Rosenthal Filking Cecilia Eng Flyers Table Steven Payne Gaming Mary Olsen Assistant Karl Krehbiel GOH Liaisons Mark Bourne (Science) Bruce Pelz (Fan) Ruth Sachter (Artist) Skip Ward (Writer) Green Room Staff Joyce Zimmerschied Handicapped Members Liaison Mari-El Mor Assistant Carl Mork Hospitality Head Debbie Cross Assistants Pat Gulley, Marci Malinowycz, William Sadorus Hotel Liaison Patty Wells * Assistants Melanie Schaber, Marc Wells, Ben Yalow Information John Bartley III Mail Room Kate Yule Masquerade Susan Mohn (Twilight) Deputies Pat & Peggy Kennedy Staff Richard Lawrence, Tom Whitmore Office Helen Umberger Linda Payne-Propst Roger Wells Opening Ceremonies Ariel Shattan Outside Activities Alan Smith * Program Book Editor Steve Berry Programming Division Head Andrew Nisbet * Assistant Dave Hicks Art Programming Elizabeth Lawhead Margaret Organ-Kean Children's Programming Roz Malin Program Operations Janice Gelb Publications Division Head David Levine * Registration Barbara Oldham Linda Pilcher * Page Fuller Assistants John Andrews, David Lohkamp, Skip Ward Restaurant & Local Guide Pat MacAodha Security Head Glenn Glazer SFWA Liaison to Westercon James Fiscus Site Selection Rick Katze Treasurer Paul Wrigley * Video & Satellite Office Anne Peck, Jeff Peck, Fred Torck VIP/SFWA Suite Chris York Writer's Workshops Angela Marie Cunningham

* Names in bold are members of the Westercon 48 Executive Committee.

Art Show

Ruth Sachter

Here's an updated list of artists and agents that have reserved space in the Art Show as of mid-April. The list has grown considerably in the last few months and by the time you read this, the show will probably be completely reserved. So come ready to see and buy some wonderful artwork, meet many of the artists, enjoy our art programming-panels, demos and workshops-and just have a great time!

Rob Alexander             Mary Hanson-Roberts      Luise Perenne           
AmRen, Inc.: Mari-El      Carolly Hauksdottir      Lynn Perkins            
    Mor & Charles Martel  Deanne Hicks             Jim Pigtain             
Alicia Austin             Heather Hudson           Jennifer Platts         
Freddie Baer              Brian Hunt               Mary E. Powell          
Rena Bassilvergoran       John Gray III            Roberta Rice            
James Bergen              Barbara Johnson          Mark Rogers             
Janet Borkowski           Eleanor Johnson          Jennie A. Roller        
Adrian Bourne             Kelly Johnson            Melody Rondeau          
Dorothy Boyle             Angela Jones             Leonardo D. Rufo        
Heather Bruton            Mary Anne Koch           Jane T. Sibley          
Gail J. Butler            Lissanne Lake            Frances Spencer         
Russell Campbell          Elizabeth Lawhead        J. A. Stelnicki         
Ctein                     Lubov                    Karen C. Thompson       
James Currie              L. Pierce Ludke          Dineh Torres            
James Stanley Daugherty   Frank Lurz               Tammy Tripp             
Lonnie Davis (agent)      Mary MacVoy              Susan Van Camp          
Joy Day                   Adrienne Zinah Martinez  Tami Vaughn             
Jeanine Falter            Shauna McKain-Storey     Diana Vick              
Jeff Fennel               Barbara McLaughlin       John Waible             
John R. Foster            Linda Michaels           Markus Willis           
Paul Gorman               Ellisa Mitchell          Wizards Fantasy &   
Robert D. Griffiths       Betsy Mott                   Science Fiction Art     
Eleanor Gunderson         Leslie Newcomer              Gallery *               
Jesse David Guiher        Cheryl M. Nordgulen      Corey Wolfe             
Elizabeth R. Hail         Margaret Organ-Kean                              
Sherry Hanson             Otherworld, Unltd.                               
* "Wizards Fantasy & Science Fiction Art Gallery" is the correct name, not "Wizards of the Coast Gallery" as I mistakenly wrote in the previous progress report. There must have been too much magic loose in the world.

Due to conflicts that arose Kelly and Laura Freas won't be able to attend-we'll miss them.

Volunteers are always needed and welcome. I'll gladly send volunteer information to anyone who is interested. Please use the contact addresses listed in the progress report or e-mail me directly at R.Sachter@GEnie.geis.com. Thanks!

Beer Track

Dick Pilz

Portland has been called "Beervana"-find out why. With over two dozen breweries within the city limits and a dozen more nearby, it is appropriate to have a few panels on everything what ales you. We are arranging for one or two afternoons of panels with brewers, beer critics, tasters, and beer authors, along with demonstrations and tastings. Fred Eckhardt, author of The Essentials of Beer Style and Sake (U.S.A.), will be a special guest.

Child Care

Aaron Bodor

Child Care will be provided at Westercon this year. We will be using the same professional nannies we have used at the past two Orycons, so you know they are prepared to deal with our little aliens. The hours for Child Care are:

Friday 6/30: 1:00-5:00, 6:00-11:00
Saturday 7/1: 9:00-5:00, 6:00-11:00
Sunday 7/2: 9:00-5:00, 6:00-11:00
Monday 7/3: 9:00-6:00
Please take note of the fact that Child Care closes for an hour each day from 5:00 to 6:00 for dinner. Children must be picked up by 5:00 for dinner and by closing at the end of the day. Parents will be charged a premium for picking up children late.

Rates for child care will be $3.00 per hour, 10 hours for $25.00. Scrip will be sold in the convention office. Our nannies will not be able to sell you scrip or accept cash; you must go to the office to purchase scrip and register your children for child care. Rest assured that our nannies will have plenty to do without trying to administer the paperwork.

Children's Programming

Roz Malin

Yes, there will be children's programming. Most of it will be in a room across from the Club House. Some of the programming will include: kinderfilking, Ms Frizzle, a Take It Apart Into Tiny Pieces Class, microscopes, costuming, self-defense, dance, young astronauts, jugglers, a play, a magic show, learning magic, OMSI's STARLAB, microscopes, and much more. We hope to keep the kids busy from around 8:00 A.M. until around 4:00 P.M., but we will close children's programming at lunchtime. Since this is not childcare, and a responsible adult needs to be with your child (other than the programmer), I plan on having a parent/child gathering every morning and afternoon of the convention. Hopefully, this will give you an opportunity to meet other parents and arrange "trades." And remember, if the good ship Enterprise can be a home for children, so can a convention.

Don't forget to bring shoestrings-one or two or a dozen. It does not matter if they have knots in them. It would be nice if they aren't all dirty and muddy.

Club House

Dick Pilz

To sum it up-Good food. Good drink. Good friends. Let's eat. Drop by the Club House between panels to enjoy tasty treats and listen to jazz and classical music. There will be a comfortable spread of comestibles for every palate. We will also be having special events which will include a chocolate tasting and four ale and mead tastings. Westereggs will be back. Information about all these events will be in the program book. Do check the book for our hours. We are not the main Hospitality and will be closed during opening ceremonies, the salmon bake, and the chocolate tasting (you must buy a ticket to attend the chocolate tasting). Also, the Club House closes in the evening and everyone is encouraged to gather in Hospitality or enjoy the dances, filking, and other evening activities.

The ale and mead tastings are part of the beer track and will be every afternoon about 16:00. We will have three meads and two ales to sample. One of the ales is a barleywine called Old Propeller Head. I.D. will be checked. In Oregon you must be 21 to legally drink alcohol.

Basically, the Club House provides a place for everyone to come and rest in between daytime programs they wish to attend. We like bouquets of fresh flowers, quality food, and the murmur of friends talking. This is what we hope to present to you. We hope to see you.


David Schaber

As of press time, the Westercon dealers' room is sold out. If you would like to be placed on the waiting list, please contact us through our PO box, electronic mail addresses or phone number.

Here is the list of dealers who are registered as of April 4, 1995:

Angelwear                Great Escape Games      
Austin Studios           Lady Jayne's            
Basement Books           Ludicrus Games          
Blue Moon Books          M-U Press               
Book Vault               Magikal Aardvark, LTD.  
Bryan Barrett            Quicksilver Fantasies   
Darlene P. Coltrain      Raiments                
Dragonfly Design         Edie Reichard           
Dragonmaker              Shadows Treasure Chest  
Bob Edwards              Shipmans Star Props     
Eye-Deas                 Sign of the Unicorn     
The Fantasy Connection   Springtime Creations    
Firewolf                 Terra Incognita         
Fo' Paws Productions     Uncomyn Gifts           
Phil Foglio              Unicorn                 
Kelly Freas              Joyce Van Scyoc         
Friends of Filk          Dick Wald               
Games Plus               Wearable Starscapes     
Robert Gavora            Wrigley-Cross Books     
Rhonda Gheen Sculptures                          

Filksinging and Music Programming

Cecilia Eng

We plan to have two large rooms for evening Filk (that's "folk" with a fantasy/science fiction theme for those of you who are new) Song Circles, so we can have a chaos circle for the brave, and an honor-system poker chip circle for the ones who like to know that their turn will eventually come `round. Check your program books upon arrival for more details. Both Filk rooms will be in the Columbia River Red Lion, so if you plan to bring lots of instruments and heavy songbooks be sure to reserve your hotel rooms in the Columbia River hotel early!

And yes, we'll be scheduling lots of music concerts throughout the convention for those of you who want to hear the best and brightest-watch for the neon-green concert signs which will be posted throughout the convention.

We also hope to have a fair number of music workshops and panels during the day, and will try to schedule these for the Columbia River meeting rooms to concentrate the music in the one hotel and try to avoid too many of the dreaded trips to the Other Hotel... Although we of course encourage you to visit the music dealers and buy lots of tapes and songbooks in the Other Hotel.

And for those of you who are into dancin' music, Friends of Filk is bringing in the Celtic Rock band Tempest for the Friday night dance! Bring your dancin' shoes and prepare to rock 'n reel!

Hiking in the Columbia Gorge

by JWF

The hiking trails of the Columbia River Gorge are within 40 minutes of the Westercon hotels at Jantzen Beach. Over 20 trails climb from near the south bank of the Columbia River. Most start with a steep climb for the first mile, than level off at the top of the Gorge. A number of trail loops let you avoid having to shuttle two cars.

Start, however, by dropping by the REI (Recreational Equipment Inc.) store at the west end of the Jantzen Beach shopping center. REI stocks the U.S. Forest Service's map of the Columbia River Gorge trails. They also have maps to most of the national forests and wilderness areas in the Northwest.

Here are some of the major gorge trails and trail loops:

A number of other loops are possible, with lengths of up to 30 miles.

The fastest way to reach the Gorge from the convention is to cross the Columbia River by the I-5 bridge and take the first right-immediately the other side of the bridge-following the signs east to State Route 14 and Camas and Washougal. After some six miles, the highway connects with I-205. Take I-205 south over the river to the eastbound exit to I-84 (marked for Hood River and The Dalles).

Once on I-84, you have two main choices. If you want the long scenic drive, take the Corbett exit and turn left (east) at the top of the hill. This puts you on the Old Columbia River Highway. If you want to get to the hiking areas quickly, take the Bridal Veil exit and proceed east on the old highway. For Eagle Creek Trail, stay on I-84 past Bonneville Dam to the Eagle Creek Fish Hatchery exit.

West Coast Fan Groups Unite to be Hospitable!

Debbie Cross

The Westercon 48 Hospitality Mission is to provide a comfortable, pleasant place for convention members to take a break from their hectic pace, relax a little, socialize, and enjoy quality snacks and beverages.

Helping us do this will be several groups who will each host Hospitality for a period of time. Each group will bring its own special flavor with them. Friday evening's host will be L.A. Con III, with Chaz Baden in the lead. On Saturday, led by Marci Malinowycz, your host will be The Roscoe Vanguard. William Sadorus will head two groups on Sunday. Anglicon will be bringing the atmosphere of a British afternoon tea during the day, and Norwescon will host the evening with a special theme to be announced.

A wide variety of goodies, from healthy veggies to not-so-healthy sweets, will be available whenever Hospitality is open. We will be closing for one hour each afternoon for cleaning. Wine and good Northwest beers will be available when we reopen at 4pm for a minimal charge of 50. A professional bartender will be on hand, so be prepared to have your I.D. checked. Of course, non-alcoholic beverages will have no charge.

The entire suite will be non-smoking, however, there will be two small balconies open to smokers. Remember, the hotel is surrounded by decks overlooking the Columbia River. To encourage a pleasant atmosphere for conversation, no gaming, video, filking, or loud music will be allowed in the suite.

Hospitality is located in the Jantzen Beach Red Lion Room 206 and is open the following hours:

Friday: 12 noon-3 pm, 4 pm-1 am
Saturday: 9 am-3 pm, 4 pm-1 am
Sunday: 10 am-3 pm, 4 pm-1 am
Monday: 9 am-4 pm
Hospitality is a very labor intensive part of the convention. If you appreciate the services it provides, perhaps you can find time to do a little volunteering. Of course, help is needed at all times, but Thursday evening and Friday morning we will especially need volunteers to prep food and set-up the suite. Any help you can offer will be greatly appreciated.


John Bartley

The Westercon Information Project is now collecting questions for a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions list) for Westercon 48. Your help is appreciated in creating the FAQ. If you can write, phone, or e-mail, your questions will almost certainly be added to the FAQ.

Send your questions to:

Mail: John Bartley
2036 NE Hancock
Portland, OR 97212

E-Mail: jbartley@teleport.com (main)
jbartley@klic.rain.com (alternate)

Phone: (503) 335-0902 home when I am, fax when I ain't (Supra 288i faxmodem)
(503) 335-0860 BBS 14.4 (Intel 144i faxmodem)
(503) 335-0796 BBS 9.6 (Intel 9600ex)


Andrew Nisbet

Here is the list of program participants as of April 4, 1995:

Greg Abraham             Mel Gilden               Margaret Organ-Kean        
Heather Alexander        Stephen Gillett          Fred Patten                
Clifton Amsbury          Elizabeth Gilligan       Bonnie Jean Rea Patterson  
Kim Antieau              James Glass              John Pelan                 
Astrid Bear              Lenora Good              Bruce Pelz                 
Greg Bear                Sarah Goodman            Elayne Pelz                
Michael Berlyn           Eileen Gunn              Vol Ranger                 
Betty Bigelow            Jon Gustafson            Mary Rosenblum             
Tom Billings             Nancy C. Hanger          Leonardo D. Rufo           
Jesse Bone               Thea Hardy               Kristine Kathryn Rusch     
Adrian Bourne            Ellen Key Harris         D. F. Sanders              
Mark Bourne              Norman E. Hartman        Steve Savitsky             
R. V. Branham            Patrick Nielsen Hayden   Joyce Scrivner             
Jim Brunet               John Hedke               Michael Shea               
Chris Bunch              Terry Hiller             Andi Shechter              
Gail Butler              Marilyn Holt             Josepha Sherman            
Ted Butler               Bob Kanefsky             Stu Shiffman               
Jack Cady                Keith Kato               Dave Smeds                 
Tim Campbell             Jerry Kaufman            Dean Wesley Smith          
Christine Carmichael     T. Jackson King          Kevin Standlee             
Frank Catalano           Meryle Korn              Janet Tanaka               
Jo Clayton               Jean Lamb                Susan Taubeneck            
Ctein                    Elizabeth Lawhead        Bruce Taylor               
Howard Davidson          Tomas Ligotti            Lucy Taylor                
Margaret Davis           Sonia Orin Lyris         Amy Thomson                
Joy Day                  Adrienne Martine-Barnes  Suzanne Tompkins           
John de Camp             Margaret McBride         Gordon Van Gelder          
Barbara A. Denz          Luke McGuff              Ray Villard                
Paula E. Downing         Donna McMahon            Vernor Vinge               
Fred Eckhardt            Don McQuinn              Chuq Von Rospach           
Laurie Edison            Mari-el Mor              John Vornholt              
Marjii Ellers            Mike Moscoe              Elisabeth Waters           
Ru Emerson               Kevin Andrew Murphy      Kathy D. Wentworth         
James Fiscus             Rebecca Neason           Leslie What                
Margaret Forsythe        Larry Niven              Tom Whitmore               
Richard Foss             Kevin O'Donnell, Jr.     Ben Yalow                  
Louise Foster            Marybeth O'Halloran      Cheryl Lynn York           
Esther Friesner          Mick O'Halloran          Julie Zetterberg           
Janice Gelb              Steven Oliver                                       
Kurt R. A. Giambastiani  Jerry Oltion                                        

Services for the Disabled

Mari-El Mor

People with disabilities who require the services of an attendant for wheelchair pushing, signing, personal assistance, etc. may register their attendant for the convention at no charge. Also, disabled people who need special seating or cannot stand in line for long periods will be allowed to seat themselves 15 minutes early at major events such as Opening Ceremonies and the Masquerade and will not be required to stand in line. Please contact Mari-El Mor at 2116 NE 49th Ave., Portland OR 97213-2070, or (503) 281-8606, or psu01638@odin.cc.pdx.edu with requests for further personalized information.

Site Selection

Rick Katze

Enclosed in this Progress Report is your Site Selection ballot. The Site Selection table at the convention will be located in the Exhibits area (Red Lion Ballroom Foyer in the Jantzen Beach Hotel).

Weapons Policy

In line with the standard practice at most major conventions, including recent Worldcons as well as most Portland conventions for the last several years, the carrying and wearing of weapons will not be permitted, except as part of a Masquerade contestant's costume, or as part of other designated events, and then only during the event, or in transit to and from the event. The use of a weapon as part of the Masquerade must be approved by the Masquerade Director prior to the event. Failure to do so is grounds for immediate expulsion from the convention.

The Convention committee defines as weapons any object designed to cause bodily harm, or any replica of such an object and any other object the Committee determines to be dangerous. However the committee reserves the right to amend this definition of a weapon, and the right to impound weapons for the duration of the convention.

Any weapons purchased in the Dealer's Room must be securely wrapped.

The committee realizes that most people who would like to carry and wear weapons are sensible and careful individuals. However, because of the present liability laws, the risk of weapons causing accident or distress, and to preserve relationships with convention hotels, we have had to adopt this policy. The safety of convention members has to be our overriding consideration.

Smoking Policy

In order to make the convention more enjoyable for everyone, there will be no smoking allowed in the indoor convention areas. Both Red Lion hotels have quite an open design, with many decks and balconies, and the pleasant summer weather will make it quite reasonable for smokers to step outside for a quick break.

Of course, smoking is still allowed in the bars, the smoking areas in the restaurants, and in private sleeping rooms. We just want to cut down on clouds of smoke being trapped in enclosed areas, and causing problems for non-smokers.

Membership List

Barbara Oldham, Linda Pilcher

These people have joined Westercon 48 between December 11, 1994 and April 10, 1995. Members' real names are listed in alphabetical order by last name. Note that if there is a membership number on the address label on this PR, you are a member of Westercon 48; this list only includes those members who have joined recently.

  362  Susan Allen                674  Mike Dahlke               594  Michael Kinsella        
  583  Merry Lynn Amsbury         360  Signe Landon Danler       363  Sheila Kowal            
  581  Sally Amsbury              646  Dan Dubrick               691  M. J. Kramer            
  690  Zay Amsbury                644  Allyson M. W. Dyar        643  Mike Larkin             
  629  Chris Andersen             645  Dafydd Neal Dyar          651  Martin Levita           
  587  Judith Andersen            580  Victoria Ellett           596  Caroline J. Lorusso     
  628  Teri Andersen              347  James Erwin               595  David J. Lorusso        
  568  David J. Anderson          557  G1/Escape Books           621  David Ludke             
  567  Kenneth J. Anderson        558  G2/Escape Books           622  L. Pierce Ludke         
  617  Jennifer Andre             348  Neal Feldman              625  Lynne Luerding          
  669  Larry Baker                673  Daron Fredericks          668  Susan Mackey            
  686  Terri Bates                698  Deborah Fredericks        660  Bill Madera             
  575  Allen Baum                 584  Trish Gallagher           659  Kae Madera              
  553  Tom Becker                 582  Jim Gellette              341  Roz Malin               
  679  Dennis Bershaw             682  L. Brett Glass            685  Bonnie A. Marston       
  657  John Best                  630  Marcia G.                 597  Beth-Marie McCurdy      
  551  Kent D. Bloom              676  Henry Gonzalez            599  Christian McGuire       
  346  Mellissa Bowman            571  Katherine R. Goslee       600  Leanna McGuire          
  684  Marion Zimmer Bradley      572  Robert Goslee             699  Shauna McKain-storey    
  577  Kenneth Brady              623  Ashley Grayson            338  Miwa McRee              
  570  Kathryn Brant              624  Carolyn Grayson           640  Dave Melius             
  509  David Bronstein            681  Patricia Gulley           601  Douglas Metcalfe-White  
  608  Dave Brown                 542  Elizabeth Hail            602  Robin Metcalfe-White    
  647  Caryn Cameron              543  Guy Hail                  603  Linda Michaels          
  633  Russell D. Campbell        664  Priscilla A. Hapkins      598  David Millar            
  634  Tina Campbell              544  Vicki Harrison            604  Marjorie Millner        
  666  Gerald D. Cline, Jr.       642  Mary Hart                  42  Dave Moreland            
   31  Sandy Cohen                652  Carolly Hauksdottir       613  Lin Morgan              
  663  Sally Conner               552  Ann Hoffert               550  Mary Morman             
  649  Jenni Contreras            616  Frank Holcomb             627  Jonathan Morris         
  648  Wes Contreras              658  Michael Hopcroft          626  S. Eileen Mueller       
  578  Brian Creamer              665  Charles R. Hulse          631  Marcia Muggelberg       
  541  Diane Cullison             562  Brian Hunt                339  Steven C. Neighorn      
  588  Angela Marie               689  Mrs. Willie Jane Jakob    522  Mary Olsen              
       Cunningham                 565  Bill Johnson              579  Myrna Ougland           
  593  Elizabeth Cunningham       566  Jennifer Johnson          554  Spike Parsons           
  591  Gaia Marie Cunningham      632  William Jones             555  Peggy Rae Pavlat        
  589  Kiva Elliot Cunningham     650  Wanda Kendall-Levita      688  Flora Jane Persons      
  592  Scott Lee Cunningham       574  Margaret Kennedy          637  Pierre Pettinger        
  590  Valkyrie Lee Cunningham    573  Patrick M. Kennedy        638  Sandy Pettinger         

  569  Jim Phillips-Brant         672  Stuart Saxonberg          683  Gail Torgerson          
  340  Dick Pilz                  687  Brian Shea                692  Tammy Tripp             
  342  Evan Pilz                  694  Jackie Sherry             607  Teresa Trousdale        
  343  G1/Dick Pilz               693  Richard Sherry            619  Daniel D. Tucker        
  344  G2/Dick Pilz               670  David Shoemaker           618  Judy L. Tucker          
  345  G3/Dick Pilz               671  Michelle Shoemaker        540  Susan Turgetto          
  667  Pat Porter                 641  Henry Allen Smith         635  Dhyana Valentine        
  548  Mary Porter-Vaughan        636  Claire Smyth              549  Bill Vaughan            
  605  Joy Ralph                  359  Marcia Starke             611  Michael L. Weasner      
  677  Aaron Redhawk              547  Eric Starker              563  Marc Wells              
  612  Diane Redhawk              546  Steven Starker            695  Bill Westfield          
  675  Larry M. Retzlaff          700  Timothy Storey            697  Mary Ann Westfield      
  662  Michael Rice               609  Scott Swart               576  Donna White             
  661  Roberta Rice               610  Vicky Dean Swart          585  Nicole Wichgers         
  680  Margaret Richardson        614  William Sadorus           586  Pamela Wichgers         
  606  Kristin Ruhle              639  Ray Takeuchi              361  William Wichgers        
  696  Christopher Runyan         545  Linda Tangermann          620  Sarah Wrench            
  556  John T. Sapienza, Jr.      615  Kent Teynor                                            

Membership Geographic Breakdown

as of April 14, 1995

Unknown               5          New Hampshire          1
Alaska                1          New York               5
Alberta               2          Nebraska               2
Arizona               9          New York               1
British Columbia      9          North Carolina         2
California          218          Oregon               244
   Los Angeles  18                  Beaverton     13
   San Jose     20                  Eugene        10
   Other       110                  Portland     139
Colorado              2             Salem         14
District of Columbia  1             Other         73
Florida               2          Pennsylvania           2
Idaho                 2          Texas                  9
Illinois              3          Utah                   1
Iowa                  1          Washington           165
Kentucky              2             Seattle       52
Kansas                2             Vancouver     18
Louisiana             1             Other         95
Maryland              2          Wyoming                1
Massachusetts         3
Michigan              1
Nevada                2          TOTAL        707

Westercon Bylaws

As of July 5, 1994

The following document is the current text of the Westercon Bylaws and Standing Rules, as of the close of Westercon 47 (Los Angeles, 1994). The text was prepared by Kevin Standlee based on the results of the Westercon 47 Business Meeting, and includes those items of business passed on to Westercon 48 (Portland, 1995).

Bylaws Table of Contents

1 General Provisions

1.1 Name and Date

It is traditional, but not obligatory, that the West Coast Science Fantasy Conference (Westercon) shall take place over the July 4th weekend.

1.2 Guests of Honor

It is traditional, but not obligatory, that Westercon Guests of Honor and other notables be selected from among SF personalities residing within the Westercon geographical area.

1.3 Membership Classes

There shall be at least two classes of membership in Westercon: supporting and attending.

1.3.1 Supporting Members
Supporting members shall receive any progress reports or any other generally mailed publications published after the member joins the Westercon, including the Program Book, and may exercise any voting rights permitted by any other part of these bylaws, except attending the Business Meeting. All Westercons shall be required to offer supporting memberships until at least thirty (30) days prior to the opening of the Westercon, and such supporting memberships shall not cost more than one hundred and fifty percent (150%) of the voting fee charged when the site of the Westercon was selected.

1.3.2 Attending Members
Attending members shall have all of the rights of supporting members, plus the right to attend the Westercon and the business meeting(s) held there, subject to the restrictions established by the other parts of these bylaws.

1.3.3 Restriction of Memberships
Each Westercon committee shall have the right to limit the activities of its attendees, either individually or in groups, insofar as such activities endanger, physically or legally, other persons or property. Such limitations may include, but are not limited to, closing down parties, ejecting persons from the Westercon, or turning offenders over to other authorities. No refund of membership need be given in such circumstances. Each member, in purchasing his/her membership, agrees to abide by these bylaws.

1.4 Name Badges and Membership Numbers

All committees shall issue name badges for all attending members. Name badges for pre-registered members shall display the member's name in no less than 24-point bold type. All committees shall assign a unique membership number upon processing of a membership. This number shall be printed on the label of all progress reports, shall be printed on membership name badges, and shall be used for site-selection purposes. In the event a membership is transferred, the old membership number, if applicable, shall be noted, both on the badge and on registration information used for site-selection voting administration. Membership badges or other proof of membership remain the property of the Westercon committee for the duration of the conference and may be confiscated for cause; no refund of membership fees need be given in such circumstances.

1.5 Archive of Bylaws

The Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, Inc. (LASFS) shall act as an archive to the Westercon bylaws and the minutes of business meetings. Each committee shall reimburse LASFS for the costs of copying and forwarding copies of the Bylaws and Minutes to those who request them. A copy of the minutes, including the text of motions passed by the business meeting, shall be sent to LASFS within two (2) months of the close of each Westercon by the administering Westercon. LASFS shall maintain the Westercon bylaws and shall forward one copy of the current bylaws, including the text of any amendment to the bylaws awaiting secondary ratification, to the current Westercon committee within four (4) months of the close of the previous Westercon. The current Westercon shall provide copies of the Bylaws to the committees of all Westercon bids for the year which that Westercon is administering the site-selection.

1.6 Distribution of Bylaws to Members

The Westercon Bylaws, as well as the complete text of any amendment awaiting secondary ratification, shall be published in at least one (1) progress report and in the program book of the current Westercon each year. Failure to publish this information shall not affect the procedure to amend the bylaws as stated in Article 4.

1.7 Westercon Service Mark

All Westercons shall publish, in all publications such as promotional flyers, progress reports, and program book, the following notice: "`Westercon' is a registered service mark of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, Inc."

1.8 Responsibilities of Administering Westercon

It is a responsibility of each Westercon to enforce the provisions of these bylaws.

2 Westercon Business Meeting

2.1 Scheduling of Sessions

At least one (1) regular session of the Westercon business meeting must be scheduled at each Westercon. No regular session of the Westercon business meeting shall be scheduled to start prior to Noon, nor later than 2 PM, nor on the last day of the Westercon. A special session, at which site-selection business shall be the sole order of business, may be scheduled on the last day of the convention, provided that said special meeting is scheduled to begin no earlier than Noon nor later than 2 PM. All sessions occurring during the same Westercon, be they regular, adjourned, or special, shall be considered, for procedural purposes, as the same parliamentary session.

2.2 Site-Selection Business

Site-selection business shall be in order at any session of the business meeting. Site-selection business shall include, but need not be limited to, the announcement of the results of the balloting and of a winner if one is produced by the balloting, or of a site-selection resolution, as hereafter defined, if one is necessary [see Section 3.17]. The winner of the site-selection may be announced prior to the site-selection business meeting, if one is held.

2.3 Quorum

For business other than site-selection business, a quorum of fifteen (15) attending members of the current Westercon shall be required. For site-selection business, the quorum shall be those attending members of the current Westercon who attend the meeting. All those persons voting at any meeting must be attending members of the current Westercon. Except as noted in these bylaws or in such rules of order as may be adopted, all business requires a simple majority to pass.

2.4 Parliamentary Authority

The current edition of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised shall be the parliamentary authority of the Westercon business meeting except where it conflicts with these bylaws or with any special rules of order which may be adopted by the business meeting.

3 Westercon Site-Selection

3.1 Eligibility of Sites

Any site on the North American continent west of the 104th west meridian or in the state of Hawaii shall be eligible to be the site of a Westercon, except as restricted by the provisions of these bylaws.

3.2 North-South Rotation

Only sites north of the 37th north parallel shall be eligible in odd-numbered years, and only sites south of that parallel shall be eligible in even-numbered years. If no eligible bids are filed by the January 1st of the year of the site-selection balloting, then all sites defined in section 3.1 shall be eligible.

3.3 Exclusion Zone

No site within seventy-five (75) miles of the site of the Westercon administering the site-selection shall be eligible to bid, except as provided in section 3.6

3.4 Filing Requirements

A Westercon bid committee must provide written evidence of the following: At least two (2) separate people declaring themselves Chairman and Treasurer; an organizing instrument such as bylaws, articles of incorporation or association, or a partnership agreement; and a letter of intent or option from a hotel or other facility declaring specific dates on which the Westercon shall be held.

3.5 Deadline for Filing Bids

Only those bids whose filing paperwork required by section 3.4 is in the possession of the administering Westercon by the April 15th preceding the balloting shall be listed on the ballot.

[Note: On a parliamentary inquiry at the time of ratification of the current text of the above section, it was ruled that "If the filing paperwork can be verified to be at the address of the administering convention, it is in the committee's possession."]

3.6 Provisions When No Valid Bids are Received

If no valid bids are received by the deadline in section 3.5, then all sites defined in section 3.1 shall be eligible and the other site restrictions in this article shall be suspended.

3.7 Eligibility of Voters

Site-selection voting shall be limited to those persons who are attending or supporting members of the administering Westercon and who have paid a voting fee toward their membership in the Westercon being selected. Other classes of membership, including single-day memberships, may vote only upon the unanimous agreement of all qualified bidding committees. One person equals one membership equals one vote. Corporations, Associations, and other non-human entities may vote only for "No Preference." "Guest of" memberships must be transferred to an individual before voting for anything other than "No Preference."

3.8 Voting Fee

The voting fee shall be twenty US dollars (US$20.00) or the local equivalent unless the committees listed on the ballot and the administering Westercon agree unanimously to charge a different amount.

3.9 Minimum Rights of Voters

The payment of the voting fee shall make the voter at least a full supporting member of the Westercon being selected, and may make the voter an attending member at the discretion of the winning bid.

3.10 Prototype Ballot

The Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, Inc. (LASFS) shall prepare a prototype site-selection ballot, including instructions for preparation of the ballot, and shall provide the prototype to each administering Westercon at the same time the bylaws are provided to the administering Westercon as provided for in section 1.5. Upon receipt of the prototype, the administering Westercon shall complete the ballot by filing in the information about the eligible bid committees, the voting fee, minimum membership requirements, including the cost of a supporting membership in the administering Westercon, and the address to which site-selection ballots should be sent. The administering Westercon shall be responsible for the publication and the distribution of the ballots to the membership of the administering Westercon. All eligible bids received in accordance with sections 3.4 and 3.5 shall be included on the ballot. The ballot shall also include entries for "No Preference" and "None of the Above," and shall provide space for at least one (1) write-in bid. The ballot shall be a secret ballot, specially marked for preferential voting with an explanation of the method of counting preferential votes.

3.11 Distribution of Ballot

The site-selection ballot and full rules for site-selection voting, including the deadlines for voting by mail, shall be mailed on or before the May 10th preceding the voting to all members of the administering Westercon as of one week before the mailing. The ballot and full rules for site-selection, including the hours during which site-selection will take place and the location of the site-selection, shall be given to all attending members upon registration at the Westercon, or such information shall be prominently displayed at the registration area throughout the Westercon.

3.12 Deadline for Voting by Mail

All ballots received by the administering Westercon prior to June 20 shall be counted.

3.13 Bid Presentations

Each eligible bid committee shall have at least fifteen (15) minutes of scheduled program time on the first full day of the administering Westercon for the purpose of making a biding presentation.

3.14 At-Conference Voting

Site-selection shall be open for at least six (6) hours between the hours of Noon and Midnight on the evening before the business meeting at which site-selection business is scheduled. All on-site balloting shall be from one central location, under the supervision of the administering Westercon.If no site-selection business meeting is scheduled, then site-selection shall be open for at least six (6) hours between the hours of Noon and Midnight on the next-to-last day of the administering Westercon.

3.15 Verification of Ballots

Properly completed ballots shall contain: the member's printed name; the member's membership number as assigned by the administering Westercon; the member's dated signature; the member's address of record with the current Westercon; the member's current address if different; and the member's vote(s) as defined elsewhere in this article. Verification of the ballots shall consist of matching the name and number of the member with the records of the administering Westercon. Ballots received by the committee prior to June 20, and any others received by mail which may be counted, shall be held by the administering Westercon until the opening of the Westercon, at which time they shall be verified by the administering Westercon and the bidders.

3.16 Counting of Ballots

The counting of ballots shall be arranged by the administering Westercon, and each eligible bid committee shall be allowed to send at least two (2) observers to such ballot-counting.The count shall be by preferential ballot. The winner shall be that bid which gains a majority of those votes expressing preference for a bid. For the purpose of vote counting, "None of the Above" shall be treated as if it were a bid. "None of the Above" and votes for ineligible bids shall count toward the total number of votes cast. Blank ballots, illegal or illegible ballots, and votes for "No Preference" shall not count toward the total number of votes cast. All vote totals of final results and of all intermediate counts shall be made available at or before the closing ceremony.

3.17 Procedures When No Bid Wins or is Eligible

Should no eligible bid gain the needed majority, or should there be no qualified bidding committee, or should "None of the Above" win, a three-fourths (3/4) majority of the site-selection business meeting of the administering Westercon may award the Westercon to any bid, or a simple majority of the meeting may decide that they are unable to decide. If the business meeting does not choose a site, the Board of Directors of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society, Inc. shall choose a site within six (6) weeks of the close of the administering Westercon. If "None of the Above" wins, none of the bids which were on the ballot may be selected. A site chosen under the provisions of this section shall not be restricted by any portion of this article except this section and section 3.1.

3.18 Availability of Results

The results of the balloting shall be reported to the site-selection business meeting of the administering Westercon, if one is held. A record of the results of the balloting, including all intermediate counts and distinguishing between the by-mail and at-con ballots, shall be published in the first or second progress report of the winning Westercon.

3.19 Hand-Carried Ballots

The administering Westercon shall accept hand-carried ballots, which are otherwise valid ballots delivered to the administering Westercon by someone other than the member who prepared the ballot.

4 Procedure for Amendment of These Bylaws

4.1 Method of Adoption

Amendments to the Westercon Bylaws must be ratified by a two-thirds (2/3) vote at any Westercon business meeting, or by the majority vote of the business meetings in two consecutive years. Proposed amendments shall be read in full by the chairman of the business meeting immediately before being voted upon.

4.2 Primary and Secondary Ratification

In the event a proposed amendment receives a majority, but less than two-thirds (2/3) vote, the secretary of the business meeting at which the proposed amendment receives primary (first year) ratification shall submit an exact copy of the amendment to the following year's Westercon business meeting. The question of secondary (second year) ratification is debatable but not amendable.

4.3 Effective Date of Amendments

Unless otherwise provided, amendments shall take effect at the close of the Westercon where they receive final ratification. Operating rules for already-selected Westercons shall not be changed by amendments to the bylaws. Rules regarding eligibility and voting procedures for site-selection are not considered to be operating rules.

Standing Rules

1. Before proceeding to take a vote on a motion for the Previous Question, the presiding officer shall ask for a show of hands of how many people still with to speak to the pending motion. This rule does not allow debate on the motion for the Previous Question.

Business Passed On to Westercon 48

No amendments to the Bylaws were passed on to Westercon 48. There are currently two committees scheduled to report to the Westercon 48 Business Meeting. Any committee not continued by vote of the Westercon 48 Business Meeting will lapse automatically.

Report of the "Mandatory Or Obligatory" (MOO) Committee. At Westercon 47, a motion was introduced to replace all occurrences of the phrase "traditional, but not obligatory" with the phrase "traditional, but not mandatory". This motion was referred to a committee (Seth Breidbart, David Berry, Ed Green) with instructions to report back to the Westercon 48 Business Meeting.

Report of the Committee to Create a Report on Making Westercons Easier to Administer (aka "The Clue Committee"). At Westercon 46, a committee (John Lorentz, Kevin Standlee, Seth Breidbart) was formed with instructions to create a report to be given to Westercon Committees summarizing the Westercon rules and making it easier for committees to administer the official requirements. This committee reported to the Westercon 47 Business Meeting that it had taken no action. The Westercon 47 Business Meeting commended the committee for its actions and continued it to report at Westercon 48.

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