Writer Guest of Honor Vernor Vinge

by Howard Davidson

Vernor Vinge has been writing science fiction for many years. He is a member of that small minority of science fiction writers who come to the field through the sciences. In the rest of his life, he is a professor in the Mathematical Sciences Department at UCSD, where he teaches and does research in computer science.

He has been interested in the question of how extremely intelligent systems interact with the universe, and the consequences of exponentially growing knowledge. His early books, including Witling and Tatja Grimm's World, dealt with exceptional individuals.

Later books, such as The Peace War and Marooned in Realtime, deal with the combination of extreme intelligence and exploding knowledge. This theme was carried forward and extended to include the intra-galactic net and a wonderful group mind culture in the 1993 Hugo-Award-winning novel A Fire Upon the Deep.

A bibliography of Vernor Vinge is available in the Lysator archive in Sweden.

Another bibliography of Vernor Vinge is available in the SF-Lovers author bibliographies.

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