What's New

Here's what's new on the Westercon 48 Home Page:
January 9, 1996
Replaced the old GEnie address (WESTERCON.48) with the new address (ORYCON.18) throughout. The old address no longer works.

July 31, 1995
Added a link to the new OSFCI Home Page.

July 17, 1995
Replaced "whatsnew.html" and "portland.html" files which got accidentally zeroed on June 22. Updated the home page to acknowledge that the convention is over.

June 22, 1995
Added a link to "InterPortland" to the Portland page.

June 14, 1995
Added the Pocket Program.

June 7, 1995
Updated the membership list (as of June 3).

May 4, 1995
Added the latest program participants list, artists list, dealers list, and committee list.

May 2, 1995
Added the current membership list.

April 25, 1995
Added Progress Report #4.

March 15, 1995
Added a link to the Yahoo index for Oregon to the Portland page.

March 13, 1995
Updated the pathname to the SF-Lovers archive in the Vernor Vinge page.

March 10, 1995
Added a link to the State Government of Oregon's home page to the Portland page.

March 2, 1995
Added a link to the Space Telescope Science Institute WWW Server to the Ray Villard page.

March 1, 1995
Added a picture of Portland and a link to PSU's Visual Tour of Portland to the Portland page.

February 23, 1995
Added links to the Red Lion Hotels' home pages to the hotels page.

February 15, 1995
Added info about Science Guest of Honor Ray Villard.

February 14, 1995
Added Progress Report #3.

January 30, 1995
Announced the page to the world.
Added a blank for e-mail address to the membership form.
Added a link to the hotel reservation form to the Home Page.

January 25, 1995
Added the John R. Foster Art Gallery.

January 20, 1995
Added more information on hotels.
Reformatted all the online forms to make them print properly with more browsers.

January 19, 1995
Opened for Beta test.

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