The Endeavour Award
Eligibility Requirements
and Submission Process

1 - ELIGIBILITY: To be eligible for the award, a work must be an original science fiction or fantasy novel or single-author collection of stories published--either as a hardcover or paperback--for the first time in the English language during the calendar year preceding the giving of the award. The publication date shall be the official date of publication, and not the date the book first appears on the stands.

1A - Eligible books must be at least 40,000 words long, and must be generally available to the public in print. Comic books and graphic novels are not eligible.

1B - WITHDRAWAL: Authors may withdraw from consideration, without prejudice, any work published in a regional or otherwise limited edition. Any work so withdrawn shall be eligible for the award when first published in a mass market, trade, or hardcover edition. Works first published outside of the United States or Canada do not have to be formally withdrawn if not entered for the award, and if not entered shall be eligible in the year in which they are first published in the United States or Canada.

1C - Works by Award winners published in the year immediately following their win shall not be eligible for the Award.

2 - RESIDENCE OF AUTHOR FOR ELIGIBILITY: The author(s) must have been living [maintaining legal or physical residence] in the Pacific Northwest [Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, The Yukon, and British Columbia] when the publisher accepted the book, and must affirm that they wrote the majority of the book while living in the Pacific Northwest.


4A - BY AUTHORS(S) OR PUBLISHERS: The publisher or author(s) of each work shall submit five (5) copies of each eligible work to the Awards Committee for use by the Preliminary Readers. Should the author(s) of a work inform the Awards Committee that they are unable provide copies of a work but still wish to have the work considered for the award, the Committee shall seek to obtain copies of the book from the publisher. If the publisher is unable or unwilling to provide copies, the Committee may--if it possesses the funds necessary--purchase copies for the readers.

4B - BY OTHERS: Individuals or organizations other than the author(s) or publisher of a work may submit five (5) copies of a book to the Awards Committee to ensure its consideration. In such cases, however, the Committee may contact the author(s) and confirm the book's eligibility.

4C - CONFIRMATION OF ELIGIBILITY: Following submission of a book, the Committee may contact the author(s) and confirm the book's eligibility.